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With the film's release a little over a week away, it comes as no surprise that there have been many reveals regarding the plot of Suicide Squad. Up until San Diego Comic-Con, no one had any idea what the plot entailed — or who exactly would be making a surprise appearance in the film — so it comes as a shock that DC would release the official cast list for the movie as it spoils many characters' reveals.

Among the revelation of Scott Eastwood's "secret character" and Robin Atkin Downes appearing in his second DCEU role (the English actor provided the voice of Doomsday in Batman v Superman), the cast list reveals that a second Justice League cast member will be joining Ben Affleck's Batman in the star studded anti-hero blockbuster.

Obvious spoilers lie ahead!

The official cast list confirms the rumors that Ezra Miller will be speeding into Suicide Squad as everyone's favorite Speedster, The Flash. This has been heavily speculated on for months and his appearance in the film was even teased in the final Suicide Squad trailer at Comic Con.

We are yet to find out in what capacity he will be appearing, but we can take an educated guess that it revolves around capturing Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang in a flashback scene. It is a shame that DC have spoiled his appearance but it's more than likely that they are trying to promote the film by marketing the appearance of both The Flash and Batman, similar to how they leaned heavily on the inclusion of Batman to promote Batman V Superman.

Interestingly, Ben Affleck does not appear on the official cast list, even though we already know he's going to make an appearance and we've seen him in the trailers. With Batman confirmed to appear in the film it is very intriguing as to why he has been left out. Could Affleck just be portraying Batman and not Bruce Wayne?

The cast list also reveals the official name of Scott Eastwood's character which is sure to disappoint. Eastwood's character has been kept under wraps from the start of filming, a move that prompted many fans to speculate (and hope) that he could be playing Agent Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing, or a young Deathstroke. This also rules out the rumor that he was playing Nemesis.

To hype up the actors role and keep it a secret, only to reveal him as a character made for the film, is a bad move on the marketing team's behalf.

What could have been
What could have been

Other reveals from the cast list include Robin Atkin Downes being cast in his second DCEU role. Downes provided the voice for Doomsday in Batman v Superman and will be portraying a character called "Angelo" in Suicide Squad. Angelo has no comic book counterpart so it will be interesting to see who he exactly is. With a name such as Angelo, it's worth an educated guess that he could be portraying a metahuman or a very flamboyant crime boss.

The casting of a "Missing Hand Guard" could be a nice throwback and nod to the Arkham Asylum character Aaron Cash, who had his hand bitten off by Killer Croc. With Croc confirmed to be contained in Arkham, this would be a great reference to the Arkham games.

Other cast reveals include Deadshot's daughter, Zoe Lawton, as well as El Diablo's family. David Harbour has been cast as Dexter Tolliver, who in the comics is the Squad's liaison to the NSC.

It still remains a mystery to me why DC would release the official cast list a week before the film's release, especially when the list reveals so many spoilers about the film. Though, as I stated before, they will want to promote The Flash's appearance, along with Batman's, to gain as much box office returns as possible.

Catch The Flash in Suicide Squad when the film is released August 5th.

Do you think they made the right call to reveal the cast list, or would you have preferred to be surprised?


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