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Supergirl received criticism since its conception for its hiding of Clark Kent/Superman. In the entirety of the show's first season, the Man of Steel was always shown from the feet down or with a big shadow hiding his face. This disappointed many fans, as it seemed Superman would never properly show up in the show.

That situation, however, changed last month with the announcement that Teen Wolf star, Tyler Hoechlin, would put on the cape and tights for the role. Since then, fans have been anxious to see the actor in the iconic Superman costume... Well, look and wait no more, as The CW have released the first official look at Superman in Supergirl. Check it out:

As we can see from the picture, the costume department has made a great job of updating Superman's costume and keeping it separate from Henry Cavill's version while staying true to his classic design... not an easy task to pull of.

Given Supergirl's recent move to The CW, Superman's much-awaited introduction could greatly change the "Flarrowverse": As the shows' producers have stated multiple times in the past few months, all CW shows are expected to have a gigantic crossover next year. Taking into account that we recently learned that Supergirl will be the focal point of said crossover, we could be seeing the Man of Steel finally interact with everyone's favorite scarlet speedster and Green Arrow.

Superman is expected to make his long-awaited appearance at the beginning Supergirl Season 2. Well, It seems the girl of steel has a big year ahead of her. I must admit, my inner geek is blowing up as of this moment. What about you?

Are you happy with Superman's design? Are you excited for Supergirl Season 2?


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