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We all were delighted when it was announced that Superman would finally be coming to Supergirl. Not long afterwards, Tyler Hoechlin was cast as the Man of Steel on the show, which will be moving over to The CW for it's second season.

After weeks of speculation about what Hoechlin would look like in the outfit, Warner Bros. has finally released the first photo of Superman and Supergirl together from the upcoming season and I have to admit that Hoechlin looks pretty super. Moreover, we can't take our eyes of the new Superman outfit which is pretty incredible.

Take a look at the photo in it's entirety:

Super cousins!
Super cousins!

They look pretty awesome together, right? Arrow and The Flash had better watch out — there's a new dynamic duo taking control on the CW.

What's noticeable about Hoechlin's outfit is that it draws from several previous versions of the Man of Steel. It seems that Injustice: Gods Among Us and Man of Steel give the most inspiration, but there are certainly nods to other previous versions too. Let's compare Hoechlin's outfit to previous Supermen.

The Outfit

Three different Supermen.
Three different Supermen.

There is no doubt that inspiration for Hoechlin's outfit was taken from the DCEU adaptation of Superman seen in Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice played by Henry Cavill. The material of the suit bears a significant resemblance to Cavill's outfit. Even the boots are similar. There was always going to be a comparison between the Superman of the CW universe and the Superman of the DCEU, but there are enough differences to set the two apart — specifically the belt.

The belt draws inspiration from the New 52 iteration of Superman. The New 52 Superman was a reinvention that saw the character move away from the traditional red tights look. One could argue that the New 52 provides most of the visual cues for Supergirl's Superman. This is not the first time that Supergirl has drawn inspiration from DC's New 52 comics — Siobhan Smythe's back story was taken from her New 52 version as opposed to the original comic book version.

The Cape

The cape bears a resemblance to "Injustice."
The cape bears a resemblance to "Injustice."

What's particularly noticeable about Hoechlin's Superman outfit is that it borrows that unique cape design from the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. The Man of Steel's cape in the game and the tie-in comics that followed — despite the character being evil in that universe — is a unique style that has the cape draped over the shoulders to attach at the front instead of the traditional neck. This is definitely a change from the usual style of Superman's cape, but a welcome one.

The S-Shield

Although it's obvious that Hoechlin's emblem does borrow from Man of Steel, it's rather nice to see a return to the brighter colors — specifically the yellow behind the S-shield, which has been somewhat absent in recent adaptations.

The emblem does maintain its larger size that covers Superman's chest, also seen in Man of Steel and Injustice, but the colors are reflective of the earlier Supermen — Christopher Reeve, George Reeves and even Dean Cain. Superman was always associated with bright colors and while it's completely understandable that modernization requires the outfit to become more realistic and aerodynamic, Hoechlin's suit settles somewhere in between and perfectly reflects the tone of Supergirl.

Now we can finally see her cousin!
Now we can finally see her cousin!

After Superman's noticeable absence on the first season of Supergirl, it looks like Hoelchin is the perfect fit. We can't wait to see him swing into action and save the day, though we did hear at Comic-Con that Kara and Clark may not be seeing eye to eye for a while. Either way, it's great to finally have our Superman! Cat Grant will be thrilled to have the Man Of Steel in National City.

What do you think of Tyler Hoechlin's Superman outfit? Tell me in the comment section below.


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