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Pokémon Go is certainly the talk of the town right now. The popular app hasn’t slowed down with talks of new updates and a Pokémon film in the works titled Detective Pikachu. The game has literally taken over the world, with “trainers” all around looking for the rarest of Pokémon. People are finding the game to be a new way to socialize and are even using the app to find dates!

Pokémon Go isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. One man named Nick Johnson has even caught all available Pokémon in the United States in less than two weeks and is venturing out to other continents just to catch ’em all! Nick was even lucky enough to be sponsored by Marriott Rewards to catch the rest of the Pokémon not found in the U.S.

With this craze going on, it's no surprise to see funny parody videos being made to explain what the app is literally about. The latest of these might just be the best yet. Smosh Games has released a YouTube trailer narrated by Screenjunkies' Honest Trailer Guy. This one is based on Pokémon Go. Check out the hilarious video below.

The trailer points out a few hilarious realities around the game. For one, the game seemed to promise fans a CGI creation of a character right in front of them in the real world. What fans receive when playing the game are animated pokémon characters on their phone. Ones that can be rather difficult to catch using your finger and a Pokéball. The narrator hilariously points out that Pokémon Go is literally a “groundbreaking combination of mild cardio, Google Maps, and Paper Toss.”

No argument here, and the reference to the Gameboy Color's Pokémon game where one's character wanders through grass, unexpectedly running into a random pocket monsters, is on point. That’s pretty much the gist of Pokémon Go when you think about it.

The point about transferring Pokémon for candy, only to feed that candy to evolve Pokémon into different Pokémon, nails the strange rules we devotees blindly follow without considering their weirdness.

Wrapping it up with the sheer number of strange ways the game has made the news only solidifies this pop-culture landmark in time. If Pokémon Go were a movie it would feature people “going for a walk, making some friends, hanging out at parks at night, finding a dead body, getting mugged, getting stabbed, and falling off a cliff.” Come to think of it, that could be a more interesting movie than the one currently planned.

Though this trailer clearly pokes fun at the popular app, it’s pretty spot on. I don't think anyone really believed Niantic would be able to conjure real-life Pokémon from our phones, but, once again, that idea makes for an interesting movie premise.

So what do you think of Pokémon Go's Honest Game Trailer?


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