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"You think when you die you go to Heaven, you come to us!" — The Tall Man

After 17 years since the last Phantasm film, fans of the saga will finally get the final installment they've been waiting for. The final film of the series will be released October 7, 2016. This is the last film of the late and great Angus Scrimm. Thankfully, he was able to return as The Tall Man one final time. Also returning, are Reggie Bannister, as Reggie, A. Michael Baldwin, as Mike, and Bill Thornbury, as Jody. Also making an appearance, are the four barrel shotgun, Reggie's Hemi Cuda, and of course, the flying spheres!

Originally, this started as a webseries about Reggie. Later, the footage was used and new footage was filmed to create the final film. This was when the original cast members were brought back. The film was actually said to have been completed in 2014. I did find a (fan-made) trailer online and I couldn't be more excited. I've always wanted to see what the Tall Man's endgame was and would Reggie and Mike ever be able to defeat The Tall Man. It's great to have all the original cast back. I didn't like that they replaced Baldwin in Phantasm 2 with James Le Gros as Mike.


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