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And that is exactly where Star Trek: Beyond went. The third installment in the Star Trek reboot is an absolute delight. The story line is extremely engaging and reminiscent of the stories from The Original Series. It has a very adventurous feel as the bridge crew spends most of the movie on the new terrain of an unknown planet. As they explore, they must find a way to rescue the rest of their crew members from a bitter antagonist who does not share the same values as they. All the while encouraging another, the alien Jaylah, to embrace her goodness and courage to assist them.

It was rather pleasant to have a crew already working well together as a team. We went through their bonding moments in the previous films, and Beyond was full of a loving and trusting main crew who knew each would sacrifice himself or herself for one another. Additionally, the respect in which they treat the other beings they encounter, such as Jaylah, display their good hearts. These fantastic relationships make it so very easy to root for the team. Plus Jaylah, too, proved worthy of the prominent role she was given within the story.

The acting, as expected, was very well done. Everything was believable and the actors flowed along as the tones shifted from serious to comedic. Yes, the lovable banter between Spock and Bones is ever present in Beyond. Luckily for us, the two spent a lot of time together onscreen in this film, bringing out many chuckles and laughs. And as the characters presented some of their individual inner struggles, their resulting character development was an additional treat. The movie itself did a great job of capturing how experiences affect and change a person, for better or for worse, but it did not beat moral lessons to death, as they were strategically placed within the story.

The CGI in this movie is absolutely beautiful. There is so much creativity required in the art of making scenes in space, for unexplored areas and with technology we do not have, and this movie did not disappoint. Coupled with an appropriate soundtrack, the scenes literally come to life, some of which were absolutely breathtaking. I cannot stop thinking about how exquisitely the ships and the Federation base were created. There was a very obvious amount of effort put into the production of Beyond to make it visually spectacular.

There were quite a few nods to The Original Series, which was a pleasant surprise. At the beginning of the movie, Kirk is beamed out of an attack in which his uniform is ripped. He comments, "I ripped my shirt again." This is a jestful jab directed at The Original Series, as William Shatner's Kirk had a habit of ripping his shirt at the slightest touch. Punched in the face? Shirt is torn wide open. There are others, but I'll let you catch them for yourself.

With an engaging plot, a cast of talented actors, characters to root for, and amazing visuals, Star Trek: Beyond is a spectacular crowd-pleasing cinematic experience!


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