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It's no secret that most Disney films come from some pretty twisted old fairytales. We all know the popular ones like Ariel from the Little Mermaid dissolving into sea foam and being stuck in limbo or that Lion King is basically Hamlet with animals. But what about the ones that aren't really that well known or even thought about? What about the ones you swear were just innocent kids movies? Well, get ready to have your childhood shattered into a million pieces. Let start with:

1. The Fox And The Hound Had A Lot More Death Than You Think

Remember the original movie that taught us that you can remain friends with someone even if the constant pressures of society force you to become enemies? Well, prepare for for that story to be dashed because there is a lot more death than you think in this story.

First, Tod, the fox, causes the death of the Hunter's favorite dog. In return, the Hunter relentlessly hunts Tod and kills all his friends and his offspring with Copper, his other dog. Then the Hunter makes Copper chase Tod without mercy until Tod dies from exhaustion. Oh, but it gets better. Years later, the Hunter is put into a nursing home and is forced to put down and shoot Copper. What a depressing conclusion.

2. Cinderella Has Dismemberment

Yeah, remember when the evil stepsisters were comedically trying to shove their gigantic feet into the glass slipper with no success. Wasn't that funny and cute? Well, what if I told you that, in the original story, the evil stepsisters actually tried cutting off pieces of their feet, including the toes. One of them even tries slicing off one of their heels.

Oh, and Cinderella had her little bird friends peck the eyes out of her sisters at her wedding as well. So much for forgive and forget, huh?

3. Snow White Was A Bit Of A Sadist

So apparently Snow White isn't as "fair" as we thought she was. In the original Grimm's fairytale, Snow White actually invites her evil stepmother to her wedding to Prince Charming. There, she gives her evil stepmother a pair of scalding hot iron shoes and then forces her to dance in front of everyone at her wedding until she eventually died. Man, the princesses in the original fairytales don't take no crap from anyone.

4. Mulan Had A Much More Depressing Conclusion

Believe it or not, Mulan is actually based on an ancient Chinese ballad called “Hua Mulan.” In the original ballad, Mulan does return home safely after a long adventure. However, she actually returns home to find that her family is mostly broken. Her only option to keep money coming in is to become a concubine (basically a prostitute), but instead she commits suicide. Good lord, did every one of these storytellers and writers need a hug or something? Sheesh.

5. Hunchback Of Notre Dame Had An Even More Depressing Conclusion

Remember how kind and gentle Quasimodo was the Disney film? How he would rescue Esmerelda at every turn and eventually be accepted out into the real world? Well, long story short, that's not what happens in the original Victor Hugo story. Nope, because you see, Quasimodo was in love with Esmerelda and when she didn't return his feelings, he betrayed her and handed her over to Frollo. Frollo, then had her hung in the middle of the Public Square.

Riddled with guilt, Quasimodo proceeds to throw Frollo off of the cathedral and then sneaks into Esmerelda’s grave. He curls himself around her dead body and slowly starves to death. Their bodies are then discovered 18 months later, and when an attempt is made to separate the two, Quasimodo’s bones turn to dust. Isn't that grim?

6. Beauty And The Beast Had Belle Eaten Alive

I bet you didn't know that Belle had two evil sisters, did you? Well, not in the movie but in the original story she did. Belle's evil sister were constantly jealous of Belle's luxurious lifestyle after marrying the Beast. They didn't have a lot of nice things because their once rich father buried himself in mass debt. So, when Belle was allowed to visit home for a week, the sisters made her stay longer than she was allowed.

When she returned to the Beast, he was so angry with her that he proceeded to eat her alive. And you thought your relationship had a few bumps in the road.

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