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It's the right time for a Zoog movie — yeah! Now, thanks to a new deal between Hulu and Disney, any time will be the right time for a Zoog movie. Or, as kids today are calling them, Disney Channel Originals. Soon some of our favorite Disney Channel Original Movies and series will hit the internet exclusively on Hulu, and once again return to our living rooms.

Teenage crime-fighter Kim Possible is a personal favorite.
Teenage crime-fighter Kim Possible is a personal favorite.

According to Disney-ABC Television Group president Anne Sweeney, Hulu's about to get a major influx of new content:

"There will be some select movies. There'll be some Disney Channel programming. There'll be some series from the ABC Studios library."

In addition to the Disney Channel faves, Hulu will also share content with, including shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives.

While we don't know exactly which movies will be in the collection that Hulu and Disney will compile for our viewing pleasure, we do have a few friendly suggestions of classics we'd be DYING to watch again (and again and again and again).

1. Smart House (1999)

"Smart House" (1999)
"Smart House" (1999)

This family comedy represents everything that was glorious about the Disney Channel originals of the late '90s. It's quirky, it's wholesome, it's clever and definitely original. And even though the family might have run into some trouble with the smothering mother-figure/A.I. that controlled their hyper-intelligent home, admit it: You would have moved into that house in a heartbeat.

2. The Color Of Friendship (2000)

With The Color of Friendship, the Disney Channel proved that it was about more than just entertainment. Because it targeted such a young audience, it would have been easy to avoid talking about tense topics like apartheid and racism. Instead, the issue was confronted head-on in a poignant film about two girls — an African-American girl from the US and a white girl from apartheid-era South Africa — who foster an unlikely friendship. The film was so well done, it earned a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Programming, as well as awards from the Writers Guild of America and the NAACP.

3. The Cheetah Girls (2003)

Before High School Musical, there were four fabulous girls who proved that even though our metaphorical spots are different, we can still make up one big family. The Cheetah Girls taught us to sing, dance, dress to impress and, most importantly, be ourselves. You best respect the Cheetah Girls.

4. Even Stevens (1999–2003)

Remember the good old days, back when Shia LaBeouf's worst offense was being Wren's annoying little brother on Even Stevens? *Sigh* The hijinks that these crazy siblings would cook up would undoubtedly be just as entertaining today as they were back in the aughts. An Even Stevens marathon is exactly what brother-sister duos around the globe have been missing for the last decade.

5. That's So Raven (2003–2007)

The Cheetah Girls might have been an instant classic, but That's So Raven was the pinnacle of Raven-Symoné's career. And what a highlight it was! From her impeccable delivery to the lessons she taught us, this is another gem that deserves to be honored with many repeated viewings.

Which Disney Channel Original do you most want to see on Hulu?


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