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Creepypasta, the home of everything horror, recently posted images of classic horror icons modernized for the 21st century — and might I say the result is hilariously brilliant! Imagine you are young and ready to find love, you download popular dating app Tinder and you find yourself monotonously swiping left for everyone. Then you stumble across these dashing, kind-hearted, genuine potential dates:

Polished Pinhead

You could engage in some exciting and potentially dangerous fun with Pinhead from Hellraiser, and he'd come in handy when you find yourself losing all of your sewing pins.

Total Babe Billy

Would you be going on a date with babe-licious Billy the puppet, or the puppet master himself, joyous Jigsaw from Saw? Who knows — that's all part of the fun! Just be careful, he's a bit of a trickster.

Naughty Norman Bates

Whatever you do, don't insult his mother! If you're into role-playing, eating cereal, and you prefer to take baths, then Norman from Psycho is your Mr.Right.

Frisky Freddy Krueger

The man we've all been dreaming of, the advocate for most punk fashion and a total sweetheart, Freddy Krueger from Nightmare On Elm Street is waiting for you. Just be sure to supply lots of moisturizer, lots.

Saucy Samara Morgan

Sit down with a nice rented movie and enjoy your date with Samara from The Ring, but don't freak if she comes downstairs, from the bathroom, backwards...on her hands and feet.

Jocose Jason Voorhees

Tall, mentally dark and I guess we can't see if he's handsome. But if you love the outdoors then Jason from Friday The 13th is the man for you.

Promiscuous Pennywise

Get yourself a guy who loves makeup, he could give you a few tips! Pennywise from It is great at birthday parties and especially good with kids.

Bighearted Babadook

Also good with kids, Babadook from The Babadook loves reading bedtime stories, if you're widowed then this is definitely the guy for you.

So, did you find 'the one'? Which horror film icon would you want to chill with? Maybe check out one of the movies on this list below?


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