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If you turn on your TV and tune into Cartoon Network or any animated TV challenge, you would see that many of the cartoon characters or more specifically the lead of the series has a Caucasian complexion. In an age where people are introducing other race and cultures in movies and series, the animated world has been left behind.

The Artist Who Started It All

However, with the world of social media, this may change as a 17-year-old artist named Autumn (@beautifulness87 on Instagram) is changing the animated world by putting some color in it. The young artist started her project with . For the challenge Autumn takes inspiration famous cartoon characters, such as Bubbles from the PowerPuff Girls and redraws with a darker complex.

Is Everywhere

This hashtag challenge has not only taken Instagram over but also Twitter as artists are sharing and enjoying their photos of the . The challenge not only brings a change to animated characters but also opens a new path for new undiscovered artists.

Hopefully, more artist will share their view on these influential cartoon characters and make the world of cartoons a more inclusive place. Our world is made out of many color, shapes, and sizes and with some effort and hashtagging the animated world will take notice.

If you like to see many more of this beautiful artwork make sure to visit @beautifulness87 on Instagram or search

Should Cartoons Be More Inclusive Of Other Races And Cultures?

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