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Last night, I was surprised with a pleasant treat: watching Up. The Triple Crown of movies (at least in my mind) — the best Pixar movie of all time, the best animated film of all time, and the best film of all time. Many times it is included on lists of the most universally acclaimed and beloved film of all time. So what makes it so great?

1. It Appeals To All Audiences

Up is at its heart an adventure film — and adventure appeals to all generations. As kids we all went through phases of wanting to escape and go on an adventure. Kids can feel this firsthand; teens and adults with jobs and school and stress wish to escape; and seniors look back at their life wanting to fulfill dreams they promised themselves as kids (much like Mr. Fredricksen). And this everlasting sense of adventure will keep standing for the rest of time, even when the film will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

2. Anybody Can Relate To The Characters

The main characters — Carl Fredricksen and Russell — are exact opposites of each other. Mr. Fredricksen is very quiet, grumpy, and sets his sights on one goal and sticks to it. Russell never stops talking, is always happy, and gets distracted very easily. If either one these characteristics sounds like you, well it's probably because you're a normal human being! Mr. Fredricksen represents an introvert — one that internalizes their emotions — while Russell represents an extrovert — one who expresses their emotions (obviously). All human beings are either an extrovert or introvert so you're pretty likely to relate to either one of the main characters. Or perhaps the sad, true story that inspired Up will make it feel more real to you.

3. Dogs, Balloons, And Birds — Oh My!

Doug the talking Golden Retriever and Muntz's other talking dogs, Kevin the giant bird, and Fredricksen’s floating house of balloons are symbols that all touch a certain aspect of human mentality: Simplistic beauty. Dogs, balloons, and birds all hold a simple symbol in life. Dogs are man’s best friends — this representing friendship. Balloons are colorful, representing beauty. Birds can fly and represent escapism. These symbols all touch moral part of ourselves that just want to be with friends, or escape from it all, or even just relax in the shade and watch the clouds. Plus who doesn't love Doug, Kevin, and balloons?

So there's my reasons for why Up is the greatest film of all time. Agree or Disagree? What's your favorite movie? Let me know in the comments below!


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