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As of the 29th of July, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to create a 3 part web series that is centered around the origin of Jason Todd, the second Robin to DC's Batman and the fan favourite Red Hood.

The campaign has been launched by Thomas Bowen, an amateur film maker who was inspired by another DC fan series that debuted in 2014, of which was titled Nightwing: The Series. Using some inspiration from other media sources, like the film "No Country for Old Men" and the episodic video game series of "Tales from the Borderlands", Thomas has set himself the goal of creating one of the best representations of the character of Jason Todd as well as the best quality presentation of the character as well.

The series is centered around the backstory of Jason Todd, known by some primarily as the DC vigilante Red Hood but also as Batman's second Robin. The series is set six years ago, to when Jason was a simple street kid living on Gotham City's dangerous and harsh streets. However, the series will explore fully in detail what happened to Jason to make him who he is today, as well as what Jason unknowingly stumbled into to meet the Dark Knight himself one night all those years ago.

The Kickstarter campaign has a funding goal of £1,570. This may seem small by Kickstarter standards, as of some projects on the site going as high as £500,000, but it is still quite a high goal. But, hopefully with enough support the Kickstarter campaign will be successful. If you wish to support the campaign, a link will be provided in this article for you to do so.

What drives a man to kill in the name of good? To take another life and think they are on the side of justice? Well, that answer came to Jason Todd long before he entered the world of masks and capes. Back on the streets of Gotham, 6 years ago, when Jason was nothing more than a common street kid. But, one night back then he would venture on an adventure that would change his life forever, resulting in him meeting the Dark Knight. But for the better or the worse? That is for you to decide.

Todd: Before The Bat is a non-profit 3 part mini series that is centered around the origin of Jason Todd, Batman's second Robin and the vigilante known as Red Hood.

The series will delve into the backstory of Jason Todd and what made him who he is to this day, and will set the foundation for a new DC universe that will be inspired by classic DC stories and have its own original stories.


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