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Are Pixar movies great? Yes. YES THEY ARE. They have been the creators of so many near perfect films, including Inside Out, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo. And I say near-perfect because there are mistakes in the films. And here are 10 that I have compiled in a list:

10. The Locker In Monsters, Inc.

In one of my favorite Pixar films, Monsters, Inc., we can see a continuity error when Sulley gets all of Boo's toys and shoves them frantically into a locker.

It is clear that Sulley stuffs the toys in locker #193. However, when the angle changes, we can see that he takes his hands off locker #190, to the left.

There was no time for him to change lockers between shots.

9. The Incredible Newspaper

At one point towards the beginning of The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible is seen reading a newspaper and one of the stories involves a crime scene. However, if you actually read the article underneath the headline, you can see that the first two sentences are about a crime scene and the rest is copy and pasted from the Insuricare manual.

And if you don't understand copying and pasting, it's just what Melania Trump used to write her RNC speech.

8. Potatoes In Scotland

In the 2012 film, Brave, there is one scene where the family is eating dinner. However, one of the dishes includes potatoes.

This is impossible because Brave takes place in 10th century Scotland. Potatoes weren't introduced to Scotland until hundreds of years later. I obviously had to do research for that. Until a few years ago, I thought pastrami sandwiches on a roll were available on the Mayflower.


7. What's Up With That Siren?

In Up, a young Carl hurts himself and we cut to an ambulance arriving.

However, the ambulance's siren is a modern siren. This took place in the 1930s, and Motorola employees did not create that siren until 1965.

6. I'm Here To Stop You, One-Eyed Bart!

In the beginning of Toy Story 3, Andy is playing with Mr. Potato Head and portrays him as a villain named One-Eyed Bart.

Bart only has one eye, as you can see in the image below.

However, when Andy's mom walks in filming him with her camera, Andy shows Mr. Potato Head to the camera and he magically has both eyes.

5. Nigel

A character you may remember from Finding Nemo is Nigel, the pelican.

However, his role in the film does not make sense because the dentist office is in Sydney, Australia and those pelicans are only found in the Americas. Wow, that was a really short one. This is getting boring. DON'T LEAVE YET....I'll be funnier by using overused memes.


4. Soccer Ball

At the beginning of Monsters, Inc., we see this shot of the kid's bedroom.

We can see that there is a soccer ball under his bed and a skateboard and possibly a train set at the foot of his bed. However, when the monster jumps back, he steps on the soccer ball instead of the skateboard.

3. Broccoli

In Inside Out, Riley's dad is trying to get Riley to eat her broccoli. In this shot, there is only one broccoli on the table.

But in this shot, after we zoom out of Riley's head, there are three broccolis on the table.

2. Toys And Tiles

In Toy Story 2, when the toys walk into Al's Toy Barn, we can see the toys approaching a yellow tile and a red tile.

However, when the shot changes, we can see that the tiles change.

1. Multiplying Ships

In Wall-E, EVE explodes a ship and in one shot, you can see three other ships next to the exploded one.

However, in the next shot, we can see four ships next to the exploded one.

And that's it!

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