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I try and stay clear of any new Lego news, because my cupboard space just can’t handle my enthusiasm. Why, why, why then Delilah would my friends bring this Batcave to my attention?! It is based on the 1960s classic Batman TV show, and includes all the iconic elements from the series. My wife is going to kill me, ha ha...

Let’s break down what is in the box.

1. Figurines

Like any classic episode of the ‘60s Batman series, you are going to need a good mix of heroes and villain’s to keep the show (play) interesting.

The nine figurines included are: Batman, Robin, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin. Holy Pop Tarts, that is a serious line up of the ‘60s TV show right there.

2. Wayne Manor

Wanye Manor, is the place where Batman can jump into his onesie, and unwind after a heavy night of crime fighting. Like any well prepared superhero, Wayne Manor includes secret buttons, a sliding bookcase and Batpoles. I think more importantly with this Lego set, is the attention to detail with the wallpaper bricks (hmmm lovely), wall lamps, framed fish and trophies.

3. The Batcave

The Batcave, is where Batman lives and breathes his alter ego. I know if I ever won a truck load of money, one of the must have inclusions for any Roddybw Manor would be my own Batcave. Yes I probably would not have the same level of gadgets, but it would at least include some of the features of this Lego Batcave, such as the Batcomputer.

4. Batmobile, Batcopter And Batcycle

What would the Batcave be without these three iconic 'Batubers'. The design of all three, encapsulate the TV show perfectly. Each vehicle has its own unique features that adds to the overall nerdgasm, that is this Lego must have.

The Batmobile, includes a Batphone (remember it’s old tech, so it only has the classic Snake game), two stud shooters, opening trunk and dual exhaust. How awesome is that! The Dynamic Duo can gear up, jump in the Batmobile and hit the road to save the day in classic ‘60s style.

5. Lego Designer's Video

The below Designer Video from Lego explains in greater detail, all the well thought out features of this Batman Lego set. The fact that they included decorated wallpaper in their design is really impressive. It is retro ugly, and the tipping point for me personally in deciding this buy is worth my wife’s chastising.

Lego have presented us with something that any Batman fan would love to own. A little bit of Bruce Wayne, and a lot of Batman and his entourage. Like me, I am confident that you too are coming up with your own justification on why this ‘60s Batman Lego series is an essential buy.

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