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Spending a Friday night going out for a movie is always a good idea. With a lot of good movies out right now, myself and my finance were really looking forward to the full movie version of this short film adaptation. If you didn't know this film was based on a short film, here's the award winning original.

This isn't the first time a feature film has been created from a film festival winner and it definitely won't be the last. I was super happy when this got picked up and I was really hoping for them to do good.

There is a slew of reasons why this movie came out extremely well and why it is probably the scariest movie out right now. Right now, I'm gonna narrow it down to at least 3.

WARNING: I will be going into some details about the movie so if you have not seen it, DO NOT CONTINUE READING! Unless you're really curious.

1. Its Characters

One of the things some may think this film might be missing is character development but it actually does very well with getting you to really understand each character in a short period of time. It isn't a long movie so its ability to move along in the story is done at a good pace.

It follows the story of one family and only takes steps away from them in a few instances: the boyfriend(whose role is pretty important), a child service agent, the step-father and a woman that works for him.

Some of these characters don't mean much but when you have such a small casting it leaves open a lot of room to play with the story. I enjoy it where movies can have less than 5 people and still tell a compelling story and tell it well. Movies like Buried, The Honeymoon, and Room 1408 are great testaments to that fact. Maybe you like that idea or maybe not but this movie definitely pulls it off.

2. Its Quickness

Another great thing about this film is how quick it gets to the point. I dislike when horror movies are 2 hours long and the first hour and a half is all backstory and build up and cliche jump scares. This film skips the waiting room and dives head first into the doctors chair. You learn exactly how the ghost/monster works and it doesn't take an hour for it to start haunting/killing people.

All you need to know about the ghost/monster is done with a few minutes of shared dialogue and as each scene progresses. All you need to know about the mother is self-explanatory from the start. They take a little bit to build the relationship between the brother and sister who are pretty much the main characters but they way it's done is fluent.

The fact that it takes very little time for the story to progress and get scary is something I love about this film. Along with...

3. Its Plot

It's been a long time since a movie has scared my finance to the point of actually being afraid of the dark. We've been having issues with the lights in the hallway of our building so it was pitch black when we got home. I won't deny, after this movie I too was scared shitless but it takes a lot to scare her.

This story takes the idea of being afraid of the dark and plays it out eloquently. It really pulls in the fear with brilliant camera tricks and playing off the use of the dark and the light equally.

I also loved how it wasn't you're typically "find my dead body" or "rescue my soul" story line that can be extremely played out. We've seen The Ring and The Conjuring and there is nothing wrong with those concepts but it's nice to see something fresh like this. The attachment factor and how unreal it comes off brings in new questions of the paranormal, if that is anywhere close to what this film was attempting. It almost isn't about anything paranormal while it is at the same time.

Of course, it's filled with its share of cliche horror film tropes and jump scares but that adds to it more than it takes it away.

If you haven't seen it yet, I will tell you it is 100% worth it. Unless you are really, really, REALLY scared of the dark. Than don't see it. Just don't. Trust me.


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