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Wow, I'm looking at my drafts on my Dashboard and I have nine drafts (posts that I have the concept for, but haven't started writing yet). But I've decided to post this one.

Some know Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Others know him as Jim Ignatowski in the TV series, Taxi. But I know him best as Doctor Emmett L. Brown, also known as Doc in the famed Back to the Future trilogy.

So, I'm going to list why I think Christopher Lloyd is the best actor in the Back to the Future movies and just overall a very good actor.

1. He's perfect for the role of Doc

You can't imagine anyone else besides Lloyd going "Great Scott!". We always remember his repeated use of scientific jargon that forces Marty to interrupt and go "English, Doc." Watch this clip of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show reprising their iconic roles.

I think that we like Fox filling in the shoes of Marty McFly because we're used to that and we can only picture his face as Marty. Although Fox had an admirable portrayal of Marty, I think a lot of the magic that Back to the Future is is because of Lloyd portraying Doc.

2. He plays the part extremely well

When you are given a short description of a role, I think it should be hard to correctly adapt that role to you well. Sometimes, you can try to take the role, but it ends up being just wrong for you. An actor can be very talented, but just can't play the part well enough (like we saw with Eric Stoltz when he tried playing Marty McFly).

But Lloyd was not only the perfect choice for the part, he was also able to play that part convincingly, almost to the point where we can barely see him in another role. This is why seeing Daniel Radcliffe portray the villain in Now You See Me 2 was so weird to me after years of seeing him as the hero in Harry Potter.

3. He's Been Acting for Over 40 Years

Lloyd started acting in, I believe, the late 1960s with small roles on Broadway. And the thing is, staying the acting business isn't always easy. You need a big break and you need to be good. Lloyd was able to stay in the acting business for over 40 years and he's still acting. And he's 78 years old! Most people retire before that age.

If you don't believe me when I say some actors don't remain in the acting business, just look at Ginny Schreiber. In my opinion, she did a very subpar job of acting in Good Burger and she stopped acting in 2003. Where is she now? Probably selling burgers in real life.

4. How Much Acting is He Really Doing?

HOLY S***! That is amazing. Those are a lot of distinct roles that he plays, which is why I usually respect actors that can pull off many different personalities and roles. See? He is a great actor.

And that's it!


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