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Stranger Things has become a hit Netflix series that has engrossed audiences with its amazing homages to the '80s. If you haven't seen the show, then stop reading because there will be spoilers ahead! Go and grab some popcorn and make sure to make Stranger Things your next weekend binge-fest! However, if you're like me and you have already binge-watched the show, then an article on IGN reveals the directors' (Matt and Ross Duffer) thoughts on the interesting cliffhangers that ended the magical series. Then you can fill the void that Stranger Things left with these five shows.

What Happened To Eleven?

Eleven was an integral part of Stranger Things, and she won our hearts with her super powers and good will. She also won the heart of Mike, a young friend of Will who gave his all to protect El from the "bad men." However, the end of Season 1 saw the supposed end of Eleven as she sacrificed herself in order to kill the over-worldly monster. But was that the end of Eleven? We see Jim travel to a cold part of the woods to place food and El's loved Eggos into a small box. He then leaves, but does this imply that El is still out there? Is she trapped back in the Upside Down?

Ross stated that they purposefully left the ending ambiguous:

"The goal was to make it was complicated as possible and really tear them apart at the end of that season, to make things much more difficult."

Matt added that the narrative allows for the future of El to be undecided:

"The great thing about having a portal to another dimension is that you’re not boxed in, narratively."

Why Did Will Cough Up A Slug?

Everything was perfect when Will returned from his torturous time in the Upside Down. It was Christmas, he was guessing his presents and he'd just sat down for dinner like a normal boy. It was when he went to wash his hands in the bathroom that concerned us. He looked ill, he was sweating and he coughed up a slug. Then the bathroom changed into the Upside Down for a split second before returning to normal. What does this mean?! The brothers discuss what the future holds for the characters:

"A big part of Season 2 that we’ve been discussing is what is that effect? Did that affect anyone else?" Ross said. Matt added, "Three of our other characters were in there. They took off their helmets. Nancy was in there too."

Well, at least we know they'll be drama a plenty in Season 2!

Why Was Jim Taken By The 'Bad Men?'

In the finale, Jim Hopper gets whisked away in a black car, seemingly by whoever remains of the conspiracy organization that worked in Hawkins Laboratory. We already have the utmost sympathy for the poor father after it was revealed how his daughter died. But what is he now a part of, and what did he learn? How will that lead into Season 2? According to the Duffers, those questions were all part of their plan:

"We just like that tension when he gets in the car. We want to get into this in the next season. The clean up and the mess of all this and Will dying and coming back to life, whatever happened at the school, the dead bodies... This is not a simple clean up job. It’s complicated. We have all these characters that know these crazy things happen. Sort of lead by Hopper, our characters are drawn closer to the government; with having to make a deal with the devil."

It seems as if Season 2 will explore more about the government's involvement in the Upside Down world, as Matt hinted the idea of Season 2 is:

"Going back to the laboratory and [pulling] back the curtain a little bit. Maybe they brought someone new in. It’s not as evil and mysterious as it was in Season 1. We might start to get into what they’re doing a little more."

What ever happens, I know I'm super excited for Season 2! Whenever the date is revealed I'm sure a lot of Stranger Things fans will be waiting eagerly!

How Do You Feel About Season 1's Cliffhangers?


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