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Fresh from the "what was he thinking?" department comes Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey's fake coming out on Snapchat.

Posey, known as an LGBT ally, is also known for being a bit of a prankster on social media, but this time people weren't laughing.

Posey said that what he had intended by saying "I'm gay" on Snapchat was to show his support for the LGBT community, but it would seem that the Teen Wolf star has had his intentions backfire.

The Snapchat featured Posey beneath the Gay St. sign in New York City, but the clip later had fans confused when he appeared to zoom in on a lamp in the next few frames and say that he was a lamp.

"Look at that thing!" the Daily Mail reports Posey as saying as the frame zoomed in on a lamp. "Ah man, am I happy! I've never felt more like me than I do now!"

Posey said in an interview with Advocate two years ago that he was grateful that Teen Wolf was able to address issues like homophobia and encourage youth to be who they are without fear.

"We love it and we’re happy to be able to show kids that it’s OK to be who you are," he said, emphasizing that he was grateful for the LGBT inclusive environment on Teen Wolf.

While Posey's gratitude about the inclusive environment on Teen Wolf is admirable, there are many who are questioning why he decided to "show his support" in the way that he did. According to TMZ, though, Posey seems to have understood why his Snapchat would be considered wildly inappropriate as a show of support.

"I am truly sorry to the people I've off offended or lessened how big coming out is. I just want to spread love in this world," TMZ reports that Posey wrote.

Out noted that it did not take Posey long to clue in that he made a serious error in judgment when it came to showing support for the LGBT community. Apparently, pretending like you are coming out may not be such a great idea.

"Given his reputation for being an ally to the LGBT community, we would have hoped he'd be smart enough not to make such a joke," writer Glenn Garner notes, captioning his lead photo of Posey "Not funny."

It seems many were curious about whether Posey was serious; even Perez Hilton questioned via Twitter whether the Teen Wolf star was legitimately coming out. The star may have apologized for his mock coming out, but the fallout from this lapse in judgment will likely get worse before it gets better.

Posey making a phone call, to his PR agent?
Posey making a phone call, to his PR agent?

Posey has 2.3 million followers on Twitter alone, and it is likely that many of these followers are teens. There are many who are likely questioning their sexuality, and to have a star such as Posey "spread his support" for the LGBT community in the manner that he did will likely be crushing for any LGBT youth who follow him.

While Posey should be commended for having apologized for his fake coming out, he should have been more aware in the first place of the weight an act like that would carry for everyone following him. There are those who have said if it turned out that Posey was pretending to have come out, they would not be "down" with that act, but for every person who is criticizing the star, there are several who are still supportive of the Teen Wolf lead.



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