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Last year after Avengers: Age of Ultron, the internet exploded with many theories explaining how Ultron didn’t die by the end of the movie. Let’s dive into four clues in the MCU, during and after Age of Ultron, that actually hint at a possible Ultron return.

4. The Different Levels Of The Internet

Before the battle in Sokovia, where Vision used his Mind Stone powers to shut Ultron out of the internet, Vision could have only scratched the surface (an analogy to what Ultron said in the scene above). With the Internet, the Deep Web and the Dark Web, it’s possible that Vision only took him out of the Internet alone and Ultron could be hiding in the others.

"Typical of humans, they scratch the surface and never think, to look within." - Ultron

3. The Power Of Offshore Online Banking

In the scene where Ultron contacts Ulysses Klau to gather vibranium, Ultron transfered billions of dollars from the Internet into Klaus’ dummy holdings. It’s possible that within that transfer, Ultron could have stored his digital code structure and could be now resurfacing somewhere in the Caribbean...or Wakanda?

"[Vibranium], it's worth billions" - Ulysses Klau
"Now so are you. It's all under your...dummy holdings? Finance is so weird." - Ultron

2. There Were Two More Stark Armors Left

Even though the entire Iron Legion in Sokovia were destroyed, there were still two more armors left that Ultron could have "infected" and hid within: Iron Man and War Machine. Of course, they would've probably known if Ultron was trying to hack the suits, but, we saw before how Ultron overpowered JARVIS, an A.I. more powerful than Tony's current one, Friday. He could have done the same to Friday or even War Machine. Additionally, there was also an Easter Egg in Captain America: Civil War which showed Ultron's face. Coincidence?

"Now this, is going to be a good story." - War Machine

1. Vision Contains A Part Of Ultron, Hence Why Ultron Didn’t Kill Him And Vice-Versa

Vision’s mind is ultimately the combination of JARVIS and Ultron. When Vision was left unconscious after he shut Ultron out of the Internet, Ultron could’ve easily killed him, but he chose not to. A reason could be, that Ultron knows he could still overrule Vision’s body, as he’s done so in the comics. One thing to note is that, Vision was only able to shut Ultron out of the internet because he has a part of Ultron within him, bestowed by the Mind Stone and the containment unit he was in (shown in the video of clue No.1, above). Since Vision's body was supposed to be Ultron's body, then when Ultron said he was going to take away "our world," maybe he literally meant it for Vision. One could also say, that at the end of the fight when Vision "killed" Ultron, he didn't kill him, rather, he consumed him via the Mind Stone, completing the process.

Can you think of any other instances where Ultron could have set his escape plan in case of failure? Leave your thoughts down in the comments!


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