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Suicide Squad is a few days away and i am personally excited and have bought my tickets for a very cool experience. Reviews so far have been positive and a major improvement over the slaughtering Dawn of Justice received. It seems as though a couple of early screenings have been issued and many people got to see the film and while all the positive reactions are well enough, some others spoiled the film, but as the lousy rat i am, i snooped around too much.

Deadshot's Hatred Of Batman

Deadshot's origin story is about him doing his work for his daughter, who was seen in many of the trailers. In the leaked details, it seems Floyd gets caught, Batman arrives and with his daughter and civilians around, he refuses to fight, then Batman puts him in Belle Reeve. Deadshot maligns Batman so much, he keeps dreaming of killing him, we even get too see a sequence of him actually putting down the Caped Crusader.

The Joker's Happy Days

For some unexplained reason, some Squad members have dreams and hallucinations even the Joker. We see a normal Harley and Joker...with a baby? That is some weird stuff. Anyways, let's proceed to the big cameo of the movie...

The Flash's Short, Short Cameo

In a robbery flashback, we see Captain Boomerang betraying his accomplice and then the Flash shows up and says 'No honor among thieves?' then stops Boomerang, a sweet cool moment for the fans and giving us a cool look into Ezra Miller as the Flash.

Bruce Wayne VS Amanda Waller

In the mid-credits scene, we see Amanda Waller in the same dinner seen in the trailers and Bruce Wayne pops up. They talk about metahumans and Waller hands him the files of Barry Allen and Aquaman. Then he leaves. It's short, but a cool teaser for Justice League.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below and will you see SUICIDE SQUAD?


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