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Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson (Room) was recently announced as having snagged the role of Captain Marvel in the 2018 Marvel movie of the same name, and such a role could mean seriously great things for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While the DC Universe is beating the MCU to the punch with Wonder Woman in 2017, finally having a female superhero lead a Marvel movie is one of the best pieces of news that fans of the MCU have gotten in recent years. Sure, Black Widow dominated in the Avengers movies as a female heroine, but she was never a headliner.

Larson has serious weight, thanks to her recent Academy Award win, but she has a great deal of responsibility now that she has the Captain Marvel mantle to take on. As the first headlining female superhero in a Marvel movie, Larson can prove that Captain Marvel is a significant contender in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel was a longtime heroine in the MCU and ultimately acquired the Captain Marvel handle after several other heroes and heroines took it on before her. This time portrayed as Carol Danvers, Larson's portrayal of Captain Marvel is sure to convey the strength and power meant to be associated with the heroine.

This is also Marvel's way of diversifying its overall lineup. Earlier this year, there was an outcry from some in social media circles because Marvel was planning on making Thor a female at some point, and Sam Wilson, an African American and close friend of Captain America Steve Rogers, will be taking up the Captain America shield.

Larson, though, received what she called a "tidal wave of support" for taking up the Captain Marvel mantle.

Larson might have to brace herself for the criticism that seems to come with a female centered movie; she is no doubt incredibly aware of the pain inflicted on the entire cast of the new Ghostbusters simply because they were a female cast. While the furor may not erupt because of the fan following associated with Captain Marvel, Ghostbusters had a similar fan following, so it will be interesting to see what sort of fallout that might occur with the MCU finally having its own female-led movie.

Then again, DC Universe fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of Wonder Woman in 2017. There has been backlash associated with the movie, but not because it is a female led movie. The criticism that some on social media have hit Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot with is that she is an Israeli cast in the role. In fact, she is a proud Israeli, and anyone should be proud of her country - but who cares where she is from? Twitter user Harry Kachatrian noted that as a total badass, Gal Gadot should not be attacked for having pride in who she is.

As far as Larson is concerned, though, anticipation for her taking on the Captain Marvel role is high, and she continues to be much loved for her association with the role. The fact that the MCU is taking on a female centered movie shows that the comic book icon is finally ready to see how their female heroines can handle their own on the silver screen. Hopefully Captain Marvel will be up to the task.


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