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King Kong is a story that has been told and re-told, so it's no surprise that the angst-filled monkey is getting more screen time with Kong: Skull Island being released in March 2017. The recent trailer was released during San Diego's Comic Con (like many other exciting trailers) and has been the talk of the film town with fans and movie-goers alike. My opinion of the film - from the first viewing - was indifferent. However, a second viewing has perhaps altered my idea of what this reboot is going to be like.

The trailer begins in typical Urbanoia style; city-slickers adventuring into the unknown rural environment. The expedition seems to be led by Samuel L Jackson's character who perhaps was a little cautious about this trip to begin with. Jackson seems pretty perfect for this role, but is that because we're used to seeing him in a leadership kind of role due to Avengers Assemble? Has he become typecast? "I'm sick of this mother-f***ing Gorilla in its own mother-f***ing habitat!"

Then the trailer begins to show destruction, a palm tree being launched into a helicopter, which indicates the first signs of 'strange things' occurring in this unfamiliar environment. And that brings along the many other creatures that are featured in this trailer. The cute little dragon fly at the start of the trailer made me 'aw', then you get the FREAKING HUGE SPIDER DISGUISED AS A TREE. NOPE. Fast-forward to 0.47 seconds, I double doggy dare you. This awful, terrifying creature was enough to make me exit life - but the creatures don't stop there.

At the two minute mark we are treated to the very first look at the gorilla in question, Kong. His huge, looming head is put into perspective when juxtaposed next to a tiny insignificant man. You thought the King Kong from the 2005 film was big - woah momma this Kong is huge. I mean, poo-your-pants huge. Perhaps his height has something to do with the prehistoric atmosphere that seems to be present in the trailer, as Samuel L Jackson's character states how the creature is "a monster from a bygone era." Producer Alex Garcia tells Empire Online just how big Kong is;

“He’s his own species,” Garcia told us. “He’s going to be 100 feet tall.”

Kong: Skull Island is from the producer of Godzilla, so is it even any surprise that the monkey is so damn big? I'm praying that this film won't be trying to outdo previous creature-related films, otherwise it all just turns into a messy competition, which lessens the effect of the film in question. What I want to see is more talk about venturing into unknown lands, the effect of human-kind on nature and how nature fights back (in the form of scary tree spider, cute asf dragon fly and OP Kong). Unfortunately, this film will only be great in a cinema environment - I doubt I'll be queuing up for the release on DVD. It's much like the 2014 Godzilla reboot, I watched it in the cinema and I loved it. I got home and I tried to remember parts I loved and I couldn't - which proves that the action film was made for it's special effects and the audience's cinema experience.

Kong: Skull Island is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, and is set 25 years after the original King Kong was killed in New York City. It's known to follow the son of Carl Denham as he tries to solve the mystery of the existence of King Kong. The film co-stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and Toby Kebbell.

What Are Your Thoughts On the Kong: Skull Island Trailer? Do You Like The 100 Feet Tall 'Monster'?


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