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Isn't it a little weird that we have to constantly remind ourselves that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the upcoming Luke Cage are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Yeah we've gotten some vague reminders in Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but the movies seem to almost refuse to acknowledge that the TV shows exist. But with that said, we might actually get our biggest Avengers references in the upcoming Luke Cage Netflix series.

What Avengers References Am I Talking About?

Well, if anyone is aware of the origins of Luke Cage, you would know that he actually had a run in prison when he was falsely accused of drug possession. While in there, he was volunteer to be an experiment to try and recreate another Captain America. Scientists throughout Marvel history have tried to recreate and perfect the super soldier serum like Dr. Abraham Erskine did back in the 1940s. No one has yet to succeed, just ask Abomination how his treatment went.

But with that said, Luke Cage's origin might go into how someone could attempt to recreate the super soldier serum. We might even see some classic Coulson-style fanboying from the Dr. Burstein, the scientist who runs the experiment on Luke Cage.

What Other Reference Can We See?

As we also know, Luke Cage is a superhero who is located and runs in Harlem. There has only been one other major event in Harlem during the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Do you remember what it was?

Yep, the big fight between Hulk and Abomination during the 2008 film, The Incredible Hulk. During the upcoming series, we could see a flashback into what Luke Cage was doing during that attack or if he was even there to begin with. We might even see the Hulk on screen for a couple of seconds (and perhaps a future return of Abomination). Yeah, that's a bit of a stretch, but you never know, we might be in for a surprise. I guess we'll find out when Luke Cage premiers on September 30th.

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