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Suicide Squad finally hits theaters this weekend, and while DC has done a pretty stellar job of keeping spoilers locked down (and not giving everything away in the trailer — looking at you, Batman v Superman), the release of the official OST tracklist reveals a few sizeable clues about who'll survive the mission.

If you really don't want any potential spoilers and prefer to go in totally blind, now's the time to stop reading. Otherwise...

Track one on the tracklist, which is scored by Steven Price (who won the Oscar for his Gravity score, and later did the soundtrack to David Ayer's Fury), is titled Task Force X. This one is fairly self-explanatory, and suggests the movie will dive right in by introducing us to the various members of the team, beginning with Deadshot (he's the first cast member credited in the cast list).

Next up is Arkham Asylum, which could be the moment we get a Lex Luthor cameo, if Batman's promise to transfer the Gen Y billionaire to Arkham in the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition is made good on, and is presumably where we'll meet Harley Quinn for the first time (although it's unclear whether that'll be in flashback form as Dr. Harleen Quinzel or present-day Harley Quinn, as recruited by Amanda Waller). I Want To Assemble A Task Force presumably plays as the brilliantly ruthless CIA Agent pitches her idea for "the worst of the worst" to "do some good" to Admiral Olsen.

The most universally agreed-upon theory surrounding this movie is that Slipknot will die after Captain Boomerang persuades him to attempt an escape during the Squad's first mission, and the title That's How I Cut And Run would support that notion. Honestly, will anybody really shed a tear for Slipknot? Some superheroes have an exciting set of skills, and others use ropes.

As the tracklist goes on the titles become a little stranger (You Make My Teeth Hurt, for example, or This Bird Is Baked) but it's at track 19 that things become really interesting. She's Behind You is followed by One Bullet Is All I Need, which, piecing the puzzle together, implies that the big climax of the film will find Deadshot taking out Enchantress with his legendary marksmanship skills.

The twist? The song that comes next is titled I Thought I'd Killed You, which might suggest that while the spirit of Enchantress is exorcised from Dr. June Moone's body, the host survives the bullet. In certain story arcs in the comics, June is able to channel magical abilities when free from the influence of the Enchantress, which might be where the denouement of Suicide Squad leaves us — setting her up to join the squad for real in the inevitable sequel.

Clearly, I'm working on several major assumptions here, but don't hold that against me — Suicide Squad is almost upon us, and frankly speaking I'm seriously thirsty for spoilers. Four days from now, we'll know whether some of these song titles are as illuminating as they appear. Check out the full tracklist and pre-order Steven Price's "neon, sleazy" orchestral soundtrack over on

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