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It's been pretty obvious for a while now that DC has a major hit on its hands with Suicide Squad. Whether that's Dawn of Justice-big or Civil War-big remains to be seen (and might hang on what the critics have to say when their review embargo lifts on Tuesday), but Warner Bros. are clearly feeling confident — way back in May they greenlit a spin-off focused on Harley Quinn and pitched by Margot Robbie.

While that movie is clearly in the earliest stages of development, the news last week that Suicide Squad will do what Batman v Superman didn't and tease the future of the DCEU in a mid-credits scene raises the distinct possibility that some kind of Easter Egg might be dropped to tease the next Harley Quinn adventure. (Or it may just be an extended clip of something already seen in the Comic-Con Justice League trailer. Hey, allow me to dream.)

Still, thinking logically, it's unlikely that the mid-credit scene would tease either Wonder Woman or Justice League when those movies have very little crossover with Suicide Squad beyond the presence of Batman. It's more likely that we might get some kind of teaser for The Flash, considering Captain Boomerang's habit of making trouble for the Scarlet Speedster — but that movie doesn't even have a release date yet and most likely isn't coming in the next two years.

Which brings us back to Harley Quinn and friends. Assuming the mission is ultimately successful, the threat of Enchantress is wiped out and Task Force X are kept under the thumb of Amanda Waller, Harley will be back behind bars in Belle Reve or Arkham by the time the credits roll, neck bomb decidedly un-detonated. Therefore it's pretty unlikely that the Clown Princess could begin assembling an all-girl group to wreak mayhem in Midway City or Gotham any time soon.

But Suicide Squad could make smart use of its anti-heroine's imprisonment — remember when director David Ayer teased these Arkham Asylum case files?

I previously speculated that we could be given a wee Easter Egg or two regarding past and present Arkham residents who make up Batman's rogues' gallery. It's entirely possible that the mid-credits scene could announce which of her fellow bad gals Harley will be teaming up with in the spin-off by having her, or even Amanda Waller, happen across their case files.

Be it Catwoman, Barbara Gordon, or Harley's own sometime-lover Poison Ivy, she and the Bat are not short on mutual acquaintances, and a namedrop for any of the above (or Black Canary for that matter) would have the Suicide Squad audience hyped for what comes next.

Honestly, though, whatever Easter Egg we receive in the mid-credits, I'll be happy in the knowledge that the DCEU is propelling itself forward, playing the game as smartly as Marvel and, hopefully, bringing the fight to their arch-rivals in a big way. If that involves Harley Quinn's girlfriends, it'll be the cherry on a very sweet cake.

Suicide Squad arrives this Friday, August 5.

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