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Finally, after an intense three years in production, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Cursed Child celebrated its gala opening in London's West End this past weekend. And as expected, it was phenomenal. Here's the authoress chatting about the release on the red carpet:

Set 19 years after the events of the final book, the play gives audiences a glimpse into Harry's grown-up world as an employee at the Ministry of Magic. The highly-anticipated opening was also followed by the midnight release of the official script, ensuring true wizarding world fans a double-whammy of Potter excitement this summer.

And luckily, with the play's West End run being extended to December 2017, more of us unfortunate muggles will hopefully now get the opportunity to feast our eyes on Rowling's five-star play. Although the Cursed Child is sold out at present, another 250,000 tickets are reportedly being released in due course.

Though for those who can't wait that long, thankfully there's a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes images to swoon over on the web from the past couple of days. Here are some of the most recent and some of the best:

1. Ahead of the performance, the cast shared a video of an audience-free theater

2. Vocal warm-ups were in full swing

3. Wands were at the ready!

4. Final touch-ups were underway

5. Meanwhile, the producers thanked everyone for keeping the secrets on the red carpet

6. In the final minutes before the opening, Anthony Boyle took us on his journey onto the stage

7. And with the first show over, the cast felt elated

8. Of course, Anthony Boyle went out to meet the adoring Potterheads

9. Understandably, Sunday's reviews were exceptional

10. Harry, Ron and Hermione were 'spell-binding'

11. Critics praised the 'Cursed Child' for its 'jaw-dropping brilliance'

12. Everyone agreed that it was 'a magical marvel' of a production

13. Anthony Boyle certainly gave it his all as Scorpius

14. All in all, it turned out to be a perfect birthday weekend for J. K.

Good job Harry Potter and the Cursed Child cast!

On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do you want to see the play? Go!


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