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As we know, Tim Burton loves an underdog and an outsider — look at Edward Scissorhands, Frankenweenie and even James from James and the Giant Peach. Each of these films feature a misfit, with the odds seemingly stacked against them, that we root for until the end. His latest project (based on the novel by Ransom Riggs) takes on a whole army of them in the form of children with unorthodox, yet extraordinary, peculiarities. So what can we expect when this highly anticipated film hits the box office next month? Let's break down the official trailer and take a look at what we have in store.

There Is A Potential Love Interest For Jake

In the official trailer, we find out that Emma (who can control air) befriends Jake (played by Asa Butterfield) and eventually leads him to the orphanage. Seemingly unfazed by her peculiarity as well as that of the children he comes to meet, it begs us to question what is unique about Jake and what has brought him to Miss Peregrine?

Is Miss Peregrine All That She Appears?

With a darkened scowl and classic gothic attire, Miss Peregrine adds to the underlying sense of danger approaching. Does she know something we don't? Eva Green is perfect for this role as she has already played an ominous and powerful character in the series Penny Dreadful. Although there was speculation that Helena Bonham-Carter was earmarked for this part before her and Tim Burtons separation, it is refreshing to see an equally as talented actress take on this macabre character.

Miss Peregrine And Jake May Have Already Met

"I knew you were one of us before you were born. It is time for you to learn what you can do."

Although introducing herself at the beginning of the trailer, it is later revealed Miss Peregrine may have known Jake's parents (and already had an inkling he would need her help in the future) as she hands him a book on Peculiar History. Despite her formidable initial impression, it appears as if Miss Peregrine will nurture Jake and help him discover his power for himself. The trailer then hints he will be invaluable to them when it is most crucial, so let's hope he discovers it sooner than later.

It Teaches Us To Revel In Our Oddities

Whether the orphans are the child equivalent to the X-Men or personified versions of everyday quirks, this film is speaking to the individuality of the audience. When Jake says to Emma he is 'just ordinary' she, without hesitation, disagrees with him. In the recently released featurette, Eva Green discusses her character and how refreshing it is to see this moral used in the storyline of the film.

The Children Are Under Threat

The trailer portrays an underlying danger and uncertainty that everyone, but Jake, is aware of. This comes to the surface towards the end, with the final part showing Jake take on an enraged monstrosity in order to protect the rest of the children and Miss Peregrine. We are made to believe this is his purpose and perhaps the reason he has his peculiarity. Maybe cover the kids' eyes at this part in the cinema!

Wacky and wonderful, this film gives us the promise of another whimsical and surreal cult-classic from Tim Burton. Arriving to cinemas September 30th 2016, there is not long to wait for a dose of mystical madness. Check out the full trailer below:

Based on the trailer, are you looking forward to this film? Have you read the book series? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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