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Nearly 20 years ago Good Will Hunting would win an Oscar for Best Screenplay and neither Ben Affleck nor Matt Damon probably could have imagined that their respective careers would have taken off as they did. The two best buddies teamed up to write and star in Good Will Hunting, and it was their ticket to join the A-list collection of young and rising actors. Matt Damon became one of the most sought-after leading men after starring in acclaimed roles in films like The Bourne Identity and its sequels, the Ocean's Trilogy, The Departed and The Martian. Affleck hasn't sluffed off in the last 20 years as he has continued on to star in several successful blockbusters like Pearl Harbor, Armageddon and Argo while also making a name for himself as a director and producer. Ben has recently been earning rave reviews for his strong portrayal of the aged Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He's set to continue that role as he's signed for a multi-picture deal and is confirmed to direct the upcoming solo Batman film.

These two actors have continued to work together on a variety of projects over the years, and there's the possibility that Affleck and Damon could partner up on-screen again in the upcoming Batman film. While at the UK premiere of Jason Bourne, Matt Damon was asked by The Irish Examiner if he'd be interested in playing Robin opposite Affleck as the Dark Knight and he went on record to say:

"I’d consider anything with the right director, but I can’t imagine there are any superheroes left, I think they’re all taken at this moment. If he (Ben) was directing me, I’d jump on it in a New York minute. I’d love to work with Ben."

Although this is far from a confirmation of joining the DC Extended Universe, it's definitely worth considering Damon for several potential roles. Here are the 5 DC roles that I believe Matt Damon would be perfectly suited for.

5. Clayface

Clayface would be an interesting character for Matt Damon to bring to life. Basil Karlo, a.k.a. Clayface, was an actor who had been passed over countless times for major films (imagine if Matt Damon had been passed over for Jason Bourne) then through a meeting with The Penguin is given a hunk of clay which was claimed to be the source of a Navajo tribe of skinwalkers. Basil took the clay and at home the clay leapt up and dissolved into his body, altering his DNA and giving him the ability to mold his own body to his liking. Basil took this ability and achieved success as an actor, all the while learning more about his abilities: replicating DNA of anyone he touches and storing it in his memory to recall whenever he wants.

Clayface would be a unique character to bring to life in terms of special effects, and would give Damon a deeply psychological character to bring to life. Clayface would be a villain that does more than just mindlessly punch a la Bane in Batman & Robin.

4. Harvey Bullock

If the DC character we're looking to introduce doesn't actually have any powers, then I think Harvey Bullock would be one of the first characters I'd envision for Damon to portray. Harvey at one point in his comic book history was as corrupt and crooked as a cop could get. Yet, even though he fell from the graces of the GCPD, our beloved Caped Crusader chose to offer the detective a second chance, and it turned out to be an incredible choice. Harvey has become one of Batman's most loyal allies as they attempt to clean up the corruption and crime in Gotham City.

Matt Damon has proven his ability to portray characters that have depth and demons. Bringing Harvey Dent to the screen would be a solid fit considering that the DCEU seems to be all about second chances right now.

3. Mr. Freeze

If Matt Damon has the chance to portray an iconic character, I can't imagine a more perfect character than Victor Fries. The important thing to note about Mister Freeze is his tragic, almost compelling, backstory. At a young age, Victor became obsessed with the cold and ice after his mother fell into a frozen lake leaving her severely brain damaged. She became such a burden that Victor led her across the lake again and allowed her to drown. After he grew up he became a brilliant scientist and wrote his doctoral thesis on Nora Fields, the first case of cryogenic stasis; eventually becoming obsessed, believing her to be his wife. His disillusion led Nora to be taken away, which caused him to lash out at Bruce Wayne and rupture a pipe exposing him to cryo-fluid. His newly disfigured body could only be sustained in the iconic suit, and he then continued on his mad quest to get his "wife" back.

Mr. Freeze would be a unique role for Damon, as he would be hidden in makeup and behind a suit for a great deal of the film. Yet, a character like Freeze would allow for Matt Damon to imbue a sense of forgone humanity.

2. Green Arrow

Seeing as we have a DC film universe that is separated from the television counterpart, we could have two different actors portraying the same character (Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller being the perfect example). Green Arrow would be a fantastic character for Matt Damon to introduce to the film universe, as he's been tied to and compared to Batman over the years. Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow, is a vigilante similar to Batman who chooses to use his wealth to further his crime fighting.

Green Arrow would allow Damon to appear opposite his bud Ben Affleck, and bring a character with depth and his own unique brand of vigilanteism that could bring a stark opposition to Batman's more violent tendencies.

1. Hush

This is ideally my most hopeful role for Matt Damon in the Batman film. Hush is one of Batman's most brutal enemies. Thomas Elliot, a.k.a. Hush, was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne and they grew up together with similar lifestyles, but Thomas began to resent Bruce for losing his parents and inheriting the Wayne fortune (Thomas hated his parents, even going so far as to try to kill them). This hatred and resentment only furthered his psychosis to the point of creating the alter-ego of Hush. Hush has become so affixed on Bruce Wayne that at one point, in the Arkham City game at least, murders several inmates to collect pieces of their faces to combine them into the perfect image of Bruce Wayne, he then uses the mask to replace his own face.

Hush would bring a strong presence on-screen, and Damon would easily be able to project a sense of psychosis and the bromance between Affleck/Damon would be fun to watch in a Batman solo film.


What do you think, is Matt Damon going to join the DCEU?

Check out the trailer for Damon's next film The Great Wall below:


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