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The planned Justice League Dark movie has finally left development limbo. However, the paranormal DC team-up has taken a new form as it is now in the works as an animated movie.

The live-action Justice League Dark movie went through a number of phases, at one point in time Guillermo Del Toro was attached. That would have been amazing as Del Toro is a visual genius and a lover of the macabre and supernatural.

Music video director for the stars Joseph Kahn revealed recently on Twitter that he pitched a "Dark Universe" movie to DC. He released the test footage of how Swamp Thing would look in the prospective movie:

The footage is very impressive and given that the character has some fascinating stories in the source material, it would have been great to see Swamp Thing on the big screen.

The animated movie is nowhere near finished, hence the storyboards, but we now have a sneak peak at Justice League Dark. It is great to see that the producers have retained the horror tone that was originally planned.

Jay Oliva says that the action is as over-the-top as a fighting game (which is music to my ears). It is also great to see that John Constantine will be voiced by Matt Ryan, the actor that played him in the live-action TV show. The first season of Constantine gained a cult following of devoted fans, but despite their efforts to keep it on air, was unfortunately cancelled. Thankfully, Matt Ryan's incarnation of Constantine lives-on.

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