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Warning: lyric puns aplenty.

Kim, Kanye, Katy and Calvin most definitely remember Taylor Swift and their encounters if is anything to go by, but it seems Taylor didn't have quite the same effect on Britney Spears. Britney was interviewed on an Australian radio station and was asked, "Would you rather be seated next to Katy Perry or Taylor Swift on a 24 hour flight?" to which Britney selected Taylor Swift because "I've never met her before." Now, either Britney is experiencing a blank space when it comes to Taylor or she's being one shady lady because Britney has most definitely met Taylor — twice.

Here Is Undeniable Photographic Evidence That The Spears And The Swift Have Met:

At the 2008 VMAs we see Taylor approaching, with Britney obviously not feeling it all that much; but Taylor is undeterred.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Spears, realizing she's been cornered by a young Swift, obliges and takes a smiley, if not slightly awkward, photo with Taylor. Maybe she's put out by the fact Taylor stole her hairstyle, or was unaware of the fame set to follow Taylor in the years to come. Still, Taylor managed to shake it off!

Getty Images
Getty Images

Now if that wasn't an obvious meeting there is yet further photographic evidence that these two have, in fact, shared oxygen space. This old photo showing a young, eager, frizzy Taylor rocking the "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" vibe meeting a much more naturally happy looking Britney. The two pretty girls are pictured here in a much earlier shot.

Is There Bad Blood?

Now there can be no doubt that Britney and Taylor have met, but it's unclear whether it was an "oops I did it again" moment or if there really is "bad blood" between the two. Taylor has attracted a lot of media attention recently due to her on going feud between Kim and Kanye, has Britney sided? Is she now Team Kimye? This following clip below shows Britney allegedly throwing all the shade at Taylor's performance at the Teen Choice Awards in 2015.

Taylor is yet to respond to Britney's claim, but maybe next time Britney and Taylor meet she might have to break the ice; but if Taylor did scream and shout, could you hold it against her? So remember, if you are lucky enough to meet Britney don't let her be the last to know.

Do you think Britney is siding with Kimye, or is she just forgetful?


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