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If it's true that what you can't see is far more terrifying than what you can see, then Season Six of American Horror Story is set to be the scariest installment yet. We're only a few weeks away from the September 14 premiere date, but Ryan Murphy and co have been uncharacteristically secretive regarding what's next in store for the horror anthology show.

What you gonna do about it, b**tches? [Via FX]
What you gonna do about it, b**tches? [Via FX]

After hints were dropped that children would play a prominent role in Season Six, fans finally had their first real glimpse of the direction that American Horror Story will take next with the release of six teaser trailers. While these provided a number of clues to potential themes and even possible links to previous seasons, none of them revealed as much as brand new photos taken on set today.

American Horror Story: Pilgrim?

Allegedly, the pictures in question feature a colonial-era farm house populated with actors wearing pilgrim style clothes. Reports previously suggested that Season Six would take place in two time frames, the past and the modern-day, so we could very well be looking at the setting of the flashbacks. This new direction is seemingly confirmed by some of the imagery used in the teaser trailers, which feature an isolated farm house and a silhouetted family wearing the same pilgrim-style clothing.

Contact lenses or demonic eyes? You decide [Via FX]
Contact lenses or demonic eyes? You decide [Via FX]

However, one photo in particular reveals even more than the rest and could very well become the overarching theme of Season Six.

In the pictures taken on set, there's a tree next to the farmhouse which has the word 'CROATOAN' carved into its side. American history buffs will know that this word played a prominent role in the mystery of Roanoke, a North Carolina colony where 117 people suddenly disappeared back in 1590. After everyone vanished, the only clue left behind was the word 'CROATOAN' carved into a tree, just like the one currently in use on the set of American Horror Story.

What Does The Word Croatoan Mean?

Back in the day, their hat game was on point [Via Wikipedia]
Back in the day, their hat game was on point [Via Wikipedia]

'Croatoan' was the name of a Native tribe who lived close to Roanoke. The Croatan becoming implicated in this disappearance led to further colonial tension between the pilgrim settlers and other natives who lived in the region. Since then, the story of Roanoke has become ubiquitous in old-fashioned ghost stories in the US, making it the perfect subject for Ryan Murphy and his talented cast.

How Will Croatoan Impact Season Six Of American Horror Story?

While it's difficult to predict exactly how 'CROATOAN' will specifically tie into the new theme for Season Six, we imagine that whatever was responsible for the disappearance of the Roanoke colony will crop up again in the present day, 425 years later. Our money is on some kind of witchcraft that ties into American Horror Story: Coven, possibly revolving around a gifted child or even the Antichrist himself, whose legacy continues to thrive centuries after that evil first surfaced.

An episode from Season Two of Supernatural also tackled the impact of the Roanoke folklore on the present day, revealing that a demonic plague caused the mass disappearances in their version of the tale. However, it's likely that American Horror Story will veer away from this in favour of its own unique and undoubtedly more horrific spin on these events.

Whatever happens, we know that Season Six of American Horror Story will continue to freak us out in ways that no other show can, although, to be honest, even if the new episodes turn out to be average, we won't care, just as long as the writers manage to squeeze in another musical number.

What do you think Season Six of American Horror Story will be called?

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

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