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I was a huge fan of American Horror Story back when the show first started with those creepy trailers on FX. You know, way back when we had no idea what we were in for. I watched the first season unfold in horrifically bloody fashion, and by the time season aired its finale, I was completely enamored.

Then, seasons 3, 4 and 5 happened. To be perfectly honest, I felt the love affair growing stale and cold. I wasn't excited for it anymore, and it doesn't matter if it was the theme, the cast, the writing or the... oh, I don't know... lack of being scary. I just didn't like it anymore. In fact, I began to root for its demise.

Now with the summer halfway done, FX is gearing up its popular fear machine with new quick teaser trailers, this time mostly via Snapchat (guess they want to weed out the old folks like myself). I didn't pay one second of attention until I read this most recent article where they all but confirmed the season 6 theme: The Lost Colony of Roanoke.

A story not exactly new to television adaptations, but not to my recollection has a series ever taken on the supernatural event as the overarching story. If unfamiliar with the tale of the lost colony, here's a quick run down:

The disappearance of 118 colonists in the late 16th century has long baffled historians who are uncertain of where these people could’ve gone. There are theories that the colonists carved the word “Croatoan” into a fence post as a way of letting anyone who stumbled across their deserted outpost know that they moved to Croatoan island, which has since been renamed Hatteras Island. However, that hasn’t been confirmed and there are still rumors persisting of something more supernatural having occurred.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

It has also been previously reported that this season of American Horror Story will be set in two time periods, with most of it in the present. So, how does that mesh with the above theme?

Is there a new town being built in Virginia over the bones of the old Roanoke Colony? Will the fate of those 118 colonists be what haunts the new residents, or will it be whatever it was that drove them away in the first place?

I'll be honest, my interest is piqued because I have a strange obsession with the idea of a lost colony. I would love to see some creative minds take on this task to try and scare the daylights out of me. However, I fear with the current condition of American Horror Story's franchise that these might not be the right group of people to do it justice. I want to be wrong. I hope they prove me wrong. I want them to give me nightmares again.

Oh, and Lady Gaga is officially on board for Season 6.

American Horror Story returns to FX this Fall.


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