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Are you in search of a serious relationship with a real man? Someone who can sweep you off your feet, is good with his hands, and will travel far distances just to see you? Well, look no further than the shape himself — Michael Myers.

1. Michael Myers Is A Family Man At Heart

He loves kids
He loves kids

In a relationship, you'll want a partner that loves his family, and will eventually learn to love yours as well. For many women though, it can be hard trying to find a man that doesn't have frequent contretemps with relatives from either side of the spectrum. Michael Myers on the other hand, puts family as his No. 1 priority, and I'm willing to bet he'd treat your family with the same amount of attention as his own!

2. He'll Always Have His Eyes On You, and You Alone

You're the only woman in his eyes.
You're the only woman in his eyes.

If you've ever had to worry about a man being unfaithful with you, go ahead and throw those thoughts out the window completely. Because Michael Myers is as faithful as leaves are to autumn. He won't even look in the direction of another woman as long as you're by his side. He's so faithful in fact, that even if you two aren't in a relationship, his sights will still be solely on you.

3. Even Michael Myers Enjoys Long Passionate Walks At Night

What's wrong with long walk at night sometimes?
What's wrong with long walk at night sometimes?

Behind every successful relationship, is a couple that can take long walks with each other from time to time. Lot's of men frown upon this activity because it can make them seem sensitive or even vulnerable. Michael Myers on the other hand, will take long walks with or without you, and at any given time. Proof that even the toughest men have a softer side.

4. He Already Has Everything

Of course you want a man with a job, house, and car right? Well, once again, Michael has you covered. So what his house might be a little worn, his car might not be 100 percent his own, and maybe his ''job'' is severely illegal, but you really can't be picky these days.

5. Michael Myers Will Be By Your Side Until The End

Michael will never leave your side as long as he lives, which could be forever. So if you do find yourself falling in love with the shape himself, you can count on a lifelong relationship — which is a true rarity nowadays.

Are You Convinced Yet?

It's obvious: Michael Myers is the man every woman is looking for. He's a family man, so you don't have to worry about family quarrels. He has a softer side, and doesn't mind spending as much time with you as possible. He's already made a name for himself, and can comfortably provide for his romantic interest — whoever that may be. And finally, you can count on a healthy relationship that will last a lifetime — or more.

Maybe the two of you can settle in for the night and pop in an R-rated movie to watch together?


Is Michael Myers the man you've been looking for?


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