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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
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Ever wanted to play Hide and Seek with a demon or have your own personal ghost that follows you? Well then you came to the right place. Below are 7 horror games for people just like you, I bet you think I'm talking about video games. Oh no, these are games you play in real life - and you thought Bloody Mary was bad. You may find them to be fun or chicken out before it even beginning - it's the thought that counts. I hope you all have a devil of a time playing.

WARNING: Play at your own risk. It is advised that you don't not play these games, since they are VERY dangerous. I cannot stop you, so if you do decide to play, good luck.

1. Daruma-San

Daruma-San is a game where you summon a ghost that follows you around throughout the day. The objective is to NOT let her catch you.


Step 1: Before Going to bed, Take off all your clothes and go into the bathroom.

Step 2: Fill the tub up and turn out all the lights.

Step 3: Get in the tub and sit facing the faucet and drain.

Step 4: Close your eyes and begin to wash your hair while saying “Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down.”

Step 5: If done correctly you should start to picture a Japanese woman standing in a tub. She slips and falls onto her rusty faucet, which stabs her into right eye and kills her.

Step 6: Do not stop repeating “Daruma-san fell down." Until you're completely done washing your hair. Do NOT open your eyes.

Step 7: You should start to feel her presence behind you. Do NOT turn around and keep your eyes closed. Then ask the question "Why did you fall in the bath?"

Step 8: Climb out of the tub. Make sure not to trip or fall, please be careful. Do not train the tub, immediately leave the bathroom and close the door. Now you may open your eyes. Leave everything how it is and go to bed.

The game begins

When you wake up, the game will begin. For the rest of the day you will have a ghost walking around behind you. If you turn to look, mostly likely she will not be there. However glancing over your shoulder you may catch a glimpse of her.

If she gets too close shout out "Tomare" which means "Stop" and then run to put some distance between you and your guest. To end the game you must catch a glimpse of the ghost and yell out "Kitta" which roughly translates to "I cut you loose" while swinging your arm down in a chopping motion.

Make sure to cut her loose before midnight. If not, you have granted her permission to enter your dreams. Ending the game will not be easy. If she suspects you are trying to end the fun she may hide.

2. The Thumb Game

The game is about a young Japanese woman who has died. To win the game all you have to do is find her thumb. If you do you'll be granted a wish. There must be 3 or more players.


Step 1: Form a circle while sitting on the ground/floor. Grab the left thumb of the friend sitting to your right. The friend to your left should grab your left thumb.

Step 2: Do not let go of each other's thumbs while the game is in process. Doing so could lead to losing your thumb or injury.

Step 3: Everyone playing must close their eyes and imagine the villa where the young woman's corpse was dismembered. It must be done seriously or it will not work. Do NOT open your eyes while playing the game.

Step 4: Chant the following phrase twice

"Oyayubi, Oyayubi, hear our voices.

Oyayubi, Oyayubi, grant our wishes."

Step 5: You should now be in a Western style villa, with one single candle.

The game has started

Now the players must find the thumb. While looking for the thumb you may feel someone tab you twice on the shoulder. It is not a friend, do not turn around or you will be trapped there for ever. You will then have the job of tabbing people on the shoulder and murdering them. Do NOT ever turn around.

If you do find the thumb hold onto it tight and blow out the candle to return and end the game. If no one finds the thumb, go back to the candle and blow it out. Do not let the candle go out on its own. You will be stranded in the villa.

3. The Elevator Game

It's said that playing this game will teleport you to a different world. Which world I have no idea.


Step 1: You must be in a 10+ story building. Get into one of the elevator alone. You must be alone for it to work.

Step 2: Get on elevator on the 1st floor.

Step 3: Press 4 and ride up to the 4th floor. Do not get off press 2 next.

Step 4: When you arrive at 2nd floor, press 6.

Step 5: When you get to 6th floor, press 2

Step 6: When you reach the 2nd floor, press 10.

Step 7: When you reach the 10th floor, press 5

Step 8: When you arrive at the 5th floor a woman will walk in. She is not human, she may appear to look like someone you know, she is not. Do NOT look or speak to this woman. She is not what she seems.

Step 9: Press the button for 1st floor. If you start going up instead you have succeeded. If you starting down to 1st floor you've failed. Get off immediately.

Step 10: If you arrive at the 10th floor, the woman will ask you "Where are you going" Do NOT answer her. You can get off now. You will know you have made it to the other world if you're the only one there.

To end the game if you got off on the 10th floor:

Get back on the same elevator you got off of and repeat the same combo you did from step 2 through 9. You should land on the 5th floor.

When you arrive at the 5th floor, press the button for the 1st floor.

The elevator will start going up to the 10th floor before it arrives press any floor to cancel the game.

When you arrive on 1st floor check your surroundings well. If the ANYTHING seems different do not exit the elevator. Do the combo once more and try to exit again.

To end the game if the woman didn't show up and you didn't exit on the 1th floor:

Don’t get off at the 10th floor, press 1. If it doesn’t press, keep on pressing it until it works.

When you arrive at the 1st floor, check your surroundings just to be safe.

4. Dry Bones

In this game you will simply play hide and seek... But with a demon.


Step 1: Close all doors and windows. Close your closets, cabinets and wardrobes. Make sure anything that can be opened is closed. Cut off all your lights, even your devices.

Step 2: You may start the game exactly at 12:01am not a minute sooner or later. Go into your bathroom and look into the mirror. Make sure that it's completely quiet, if you hear any sounds that means the demon is already. Exit the house immediately.

Step 3: Think of something you want, that'll be your prize if you win.

Step 4: Strike the match and do NOT blow it out, let it burn out on its own. If it last for 15 seconds your ready to play the game.

Step 5: Lay on the floor and repeat the following “I am aware of your presence, and I welcome you into my home. Come now.”

Step 6: Go into the largest room of your house and wait. For how long, the time varies. It could takes hours or minutes. Waiting is the key.

Step 7: When the demon is ready to play, you will hear a faint moan. If you hear anything else leave the house immediately.

Step 8: Go and hide, he will be trying to find you. Be as fast and quiet as you possibly can, any certain moves could give away your location and if he finds you... You'll be sorry.

To end the game

Stay hidden until 3am after that it will be safe to come out. After exiting your hiding spot return back to the biggest room in your house and repeat the following "Thank you for playing but you must leave now. You are no longer welcome.”

When you awake the next morning your prize should be waiting outside your door. Which indicates that you have won. But remember you have invited him in he may have left, but that's not stopping him from visiting. He can't hurt you if you don't play. It is recommended to NEVER play this game again.

5. The Red Man

Are you ready to summon a mysterious being? If not, you might want to sit this one out.


Step 1: Gather a piece of paper, scissors, red lipstick, five candles and two mirrors. This game can only be played after dark or before dawn. Do NOT break these rules

Step 2: Take the piece of paper and cute out a shape of a man.

Step 3: Draw a line down the back of the paper man. On the left side write your own name, on the right write "Rubeus" - the Latin word for red.

Step 4: Take the two mirrors and set them up so they're face to face with gap in between.

Step 5: On the left mirror take the lipstick and draw two eyes in the center on the top half.

Step 6: Take the paper man and lay him face between the two mirrors. The mirror with the red eyes should be on his left.

Step 7: Place all five candles in a circle around the paper man in the following order. Imagine a clock, the top of the clock is the paper man's head. At 12 place the first candle, the second at 2, the third one at 5, the fourth at 7 and the last one at 10.

Step 8: Turn off all the lights, you MUST be in complete darkness.

Step 9: Light the candles in the following order. 12, 7, 2, 10, 5

Step 10: Pick up the paper man and cut him down the middle.

Step 11: While keeping the pieces of the paper man inside the candles, take the left piece and slide it towards the left mirror. Now slide the right piece towards the right mirror.

Step 12: Close your eyes and say the following six times "Please come. Please come. I will not move until you come."

Step 13: Blow out the candles in the same order as stated in step 9 "12, 7, 2, 10, 5"

The Red Man is now in the room

You must make sure that NO light hits the mirrors while playing this game. This is why you must play before dawn or after dark. Do not ever let yourself see your reflection in the mirrors.

If you don't want to meet The Red Man do not enter the room. Only those who seek him out should be present while the game is in progress.

No one knows what The Red Man does or the purpose of the game so I can only warn you to be very careful and play at your own risk. After the game is over the candles and paper MUST be disposed of by burying them.

6. The Corner Game

In this game you will be calling up ghosts who like to dwell in corners. Be careful.


Step 1: Clear all people and pets from the build/house your playing in. Only the players should be present. The room can ONLY have four corners. No more, no less.

Turn off all lights inside building/house except in the playing room. Upon entering the room each player MUST speak there name three times. Pick one player to be The Speaker, from now on only The Speaker may speak. After all players have entered the room, close the door and cut the lights off.

Step 2: Each player must choose a corner. No more than one player may stand in the same corner.

Step 3: Each player must stand with their faces toward the walls. Do not turn around or speak.

Step 4: After everyone is in position, the speaker must count to three. Only the speaker may speak, NO other players should speak while the game is in progess.

Step 5: After the third count each player must rotate clockwise while keeping their backs towards the center of the room. Do not turn around.

Step 6: Once each player has completed the rotation repeat step 5 until it's time to end the game.

If a player disappears

*The speaker should signal the players with the emergency procedure:

The players need to speak their own name backwards three times.

Then turn around and press their backs to the wall.

The player closest to the light switch should then turn on the lights.

The player who disappeared should reappear when the lights are turned on. Do not speak.

If you see an additional player

A ghost may have wanted to play. Do not speak or approach the said figure. If so the speaker should alert players to do the completion process. It is the same as the emergency procedure. After you complete the game you may open the door and leave. It's better to wait some time before re-entering the room again.

7. The Midnight Game

The Midnight Game is an old pagen ritual held to punish those who angry the gods. Play at your own risk.


Step 1: Each player(s) must have a piece of paper, a writing implement, a candle and matches or a lighter, salt, and a wooden door.

Step 2: Take the piece of paper and write your full name, even your middle name. Prick your finger and let a drop of blood fall onto your paper.

Step 3: Turn out all the lights and approach the door. Take your piece of paper and lay it in front of the door, then sat the candle on top.

Step 4: Knock on the door 22 times. At the last knock it must 12:00 at night. Now open the door, blow out the candle and close the door. The Midnight Man is now in your home.

Step 5: Re-light your candle.

Time to play with The Midnight Man

Take the salt with you and walk around your house with the candle and avoid Midnight Man until 3:33am. If you succeed in not getting attacked by him until 3:33am you've won and you can continue your day like normal. The Midnight Man will no longer be in your home.

If your candle goes out while playing, it means he is close. Re-light your candle in 10 seconds if you do not succeed in lighting it, take out your salt and circle yourself within it. You must stay inside the circle until 3:33am.

If you do not succeed either of those tasks The Midnight Man will come and show you a hallucination of your worse fear and rip out each and everyone of your organs.

Do you think you'll ever play one of these games? Have you already? If you do decide to play or already have comment below and let me know what happened. Thanks for reading and have fun playing!


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