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Who went nuts over the trailer for Marvel's The Defenders, set to air on Netflix in 2017? Or did you walk away yearning for more information? We only know, that it will consist of a team made up of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. This sounds totally amazing! A super-powered team-up of Marvel's street fighters! But who will they fight against? The only quote we hear is the most dismal of words coming from Daredevil's blind martial arts trainer, Stick. We know from watching Daredevil that he's pretty much doom and gloom if he's not busy slapping some Foot Clan members around in some dark alley. I'm assuming Scott Glen is going to make an appearance.

It was announced recently that Eka Darville‘s Malcolm, the heroin-addict neighbor in Jessica Jones, will be included in The Defenders. Just recently, the MCU Exchange stated that Elden Henson confirmed at a recent convention stop that he will be involved with The Defenders and that he will play a sizable role in the story. If anything, this means the story arc will have some humorous moments as we saw Foggy Nelson portray in the previous seasons of Daredevil. Besides, with a team comprised of these Marvel heroes, we will need a character to help ground us into reality.

It makes sense that Foggy Nelson has a part in this series since he is Matthew Murdock's best friend. Season 2 of Daredevil tested the bond between these two characters. The drama and mayhem created by The Punisher pitted each character on different sides of moral ground. But Foggy Nelson natural instinct is to protect his best friend just as much as Daredevil wants to protect his city. This dynamic is what helps create such a strong bond between these two characters. We should not be surprised that the writers felt it was necessary to include Foggy Nelson in The Defenders.

Production on The Defenders is set to begin once Iron Fist has finished shooting. Filming began for the new solo series in April, and Iron Fist is scheduled for a 2017 release.

Which other character do you think needs to appear in The Defenders show airing on Netflix?

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