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With Marvel riding high on its continued success courtesy of the mega-blockbuster Marvel Cinematic Universe and with DC looking like it's just about to get started, there's no question that anything even remotely related to superheroes is now in high demand. Yet despite the gradually increasing number of superheroes being brought to life through live-action, there is a curious lack of a superhero story that was not lifted from an already existing comic or graphic novel.

Famed producer, part-time actor and all-around rap icon 50 Cent a.k.a. Curtis James Jackson III is looking to shake things up by proposing his own original superhero story titled Tomorrow, Today, which he plans to develop and eventually broadcast with the help of his friends in the TV channel Starz.

Working With The Starz

50 Cent and Starz currently have a strong professional partnership, with the former rapper extending his contract with the studio in the hopes of getting more of his dream projects off the ground. Currently, 50 Cent produces and even stars in Starz's sleeper crime drama Power — a show that follows James "Ghost" St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) as he lives the double life of a legit club owner and an illegal drug kingpin (which has been recently renewed for a third season).

Given that the two parties may be looking for more creative ground to cover, it's no surprise that they would want to give the popular and lucrative superhero genre a shot.

50 Cent had this to say about getting the chance to work with Starz again:

"I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with my Starz family, we have had great success together on ‘Power’ and I am excited to get going on all of our upcoming projects together. I knew Starz would be the perfect home for ‘Tomorrow, Today.’ This project is very personal to me… creating it, writing it, finding the best team for it and I will continue to be involved every step of the way."

Tomorrow, Today

Based on a story and script written by 50 Cent himself, the plot of Tomorrow, Today follows a currently unnamed protagonist who is both a war veteran and a wrongfully imprisoned man. In prison, he becomes the test subject of a mad scientist's experiments that turn him into the perfect killing machine.

Upon release from prison, the veteran finds himself being chased by the those who want to use his murderous abilities for their own gain, forcing him to live on the run while using his dangerous powers for good rather than destruction. 50 Cent and Starz are hoping the show gets to air on a planned 2018 release date.

If you think that sounded familiar, no one's going to blame you because Tomorrow, Today gives its hero an origin story not too different from the one seen in Netflix's upcoming Luke Cage, where according to the comics, the titular hero's powers also come from questionable experiments conducted in a prison where he served time for a crime he didn't commit.

While the similarities may raise a few eyebrows, just remember that only the vaguest of details regarding this future superhero show have been released and it's a project coming from the minds of 50 Cent and Starz.

By looking at their most recent TV collaboration for reference, it can be assumed that the show's masterminds will add their own signature twists to things just like what Power did for the story of a man living a double life as a figurehead in the illegal drug trade. The premise is certainly nothing new, but what matters most is what the creators can add to the basic setup. Based on its improving reception, Power looks like it succeeded in being its own crime themed double life story and the same treatment can be expected in Tomorrow, Today.

As we wait for more details to surface, the potential for an original superhero story that's not latched to a shared universe is a refreshing change of pace in a market that's already filled with live-action superhero stories whose plots can be found in your local comic book shop.

What do you think of 50 Cent's upcoming Tomorrow, Today?


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