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Ever since Marvel dominated popular culture and public conscience, fans and even the stars of the Marvel's hit TV shows were holding on to the hope that one day, the characters seen on TV would cross paths with the heroes of the big screen and join the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sadly this will not be the case after Marvel Television president Jeph Loeb said that the two divisions of Marvel Entertainment won't be joining forces any time soon. This may come as no surprise to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. stars Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet, but for fans of Marvel, the open secret's confirmation is a hit to their childhood dreams' guts of seeing their favorite comic heroes fight side by side.

In honor of this lost opportunity, here's a short rundown of five big crossover moments from Marvel comics we won't be able to see in light of Jeph Loeb's announcement:

5. Daredevil Versus Iron Jesus

Iron Man (a.k.a. Tony Stark) tends to get into trouble thanks to his misguided morals and in the Superior Iron Man arc, his good intentions go to waste once more when he creates Extremis 3.0: a miracle cure for pretty much everything (including death) that ends up becoming a drug people would kill for.

Disliking the addiction epidemic that Stark's Extremis 3.0 brought down on San Francisco's populace and Iron Man's sudden god complex, Daredevil takes matters into his own hands and attempts to expose Iron Man's false messianic image, only to fail and suddenly get his eyesight back courtesy of Stark.

The two then engaged in a heated (but non-violent) debate about the legal ethics of experimenting on human beings and the myth of perfection; a debate that made Tony Stark see the errors of his ways only after he lost everything.

4. Jessica Jones Of The Daily Bugle

After settling down with longtime lover Luke Cage, Jessica Jones left her job as a private eye to be a superhuman consultant and contributor for The Pulse — a superhero-centered weekly column of the Daily Bugle, the same newspaper Spider-Man works as a photographer when he's out of costume.

Some time later, she gets attacked by the Green Goblin when an investigation by the Bugle gets too close to home for the villain. Rather than simply report on the Green Goblin's assault, publisher J. Jonah Jameson (as expected) used the attack as a way to smear the name of the New Avengers, to which Jessica responded by quitting in disgust.

She would then spend her time raising her newborn daughter Danielle and helping out other superhero teams when they needed it, such as the one time she was brought in to help Beast and Hawkeye defuse the situation between the Avengers the X-Men when they fought over who had the right to punish Scarlet Witch after her devastating actions in Avengers: The Children's Crusade.

3. Luke Cage Versus The Law

While none of the Marvel heroes currently on Netflix appeared in Capt. America: Civil War, they actually played larger roles in the comics crossover clash of ideals, with Luke Cage being one of the most prominent and important members of Captain America's Anti-Registration side.

To protect his new family, Luke Cage sends Jessica and Danielle to Canada before he joined Capt. America, Falcon, and Iron Fist fight in the guerrilla Secret Avengers: a covert group dedicated to fighting the injustices of the Superhuman Registration Act.

Even after Captain America surrendered and the Secret Avengers were offered amnesty for their actions, Luke Cage refused and continued to fight. Instead of complying, he went underground but this time with Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Wolverine to form the New Avengers — successors of the Secret Avengers and a group he ends up leading after Captain America is assassinated.

2. Iron Fist: Man Without Fear

To help Matt Murdock protect his secret identity, Iron Fist (a.k.a. Danny Rand) donned the costume of the blind lawyer's vigilante persona to throw off the media's focus on Murdock when a tabloid outed him as the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

While this double act can be reenacted in the coming Defenders, what can't be replicated is how Iron Fist (still disguised as Daredevil) took the fall for Matt Murdock in the height of the Civil War event. After being arrested by the Pro-Registration forces, Iron First is the one who delivers the poignant message and bitter reminder of broken friendships to Tony Stark. He does this through a silver coin and a brutal comparison to Judas Iscariot that shakes Iron Man to the core.

After getting broken out of prison by Captain America's team, he fights alongside the other Anti-Registration heroes and even helps in a rescue mission when his close friend Luke Cage gets captured by Norman Osborn.

1. Punisher & Spider-Man: Father-Son Bonding

Fitting with his non-traditional comic hero persona, the Punisher actually started out as a villain in Spider-Man comics, but due to a surprising popular demand, he was promoted to antihero status and has since been starring in his own solo series.

Ever becoming a mainstay in Marvel's lineup, the Punisher has butted heads with idealistic heroes who believe in giving criminals a second chance, chief among those heroes being both Daredevil and Spider-Man. No matter how many differences he may have with people like Spider-Man, the Punisher would leave them to their own devices with a begrudging sense of respect.

But perhaps the most memorable encounter the two have had was during Civil War's dramatic turning point. When Spider-Man left the Pro-Registration side and was beaten to an inch of his life by super villains for his defection, the Punisher saves his life and delivers the battered Peter Parker to the safety of Captain America's side. The two then grew a strange father-son connection between them, which gave the story an emotional human touch and provided the basis for the auditions of Jon Bernthal and Tom Holland for their respective Marvel roles.

Until then, guess we're going to have to settle for another season of Marvel's awesome superhero shows:

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What other crossovers would you have wanted to see in a Marvel movie?


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