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While the Transformers might not be the most highly respected live-action franchise in cinematic history, its Marvel comic origins remain undoubtably dear to those who grew up with them. It's that feeling of nostalgia, it would seem, that Paramount Pictures is latching onto in the upcoming sequel, Transformers: The Last Knight.

Dropping the first banner image via their official Twitter page yesterday, fans were able to get a closer look at Optimus Prime and the three-headed beast he's facing down. Yet, while experts threw plot predictions into the ring and began to draw similarities to 2005's Transformers: Cybertron cartoon, we couldn't help but notice one aching similarity that seems to connect many of this year's Marvel comic-adapted movies: the '80s.

Of course, the Transformers toy line and comic books date back to 1984 — the first series released by Marvel Comics from '84 to '91, and was then taken over by Dreamwave Productions and later IDW Publishing — and what better way to inject a "new" lease of life into the fifth installment of this wildly divisive live-action franchise than joining the throng of throwback feels?

Take a look at the logo in '84 and our latest image side by side; the color palette and style certainly seem far more unified than the 2014 image for Transformers: Age of Extinction, don't you think?

Transformers through the ages.
Transformers through the ages.

And who could blame them for going down this nostalgic route and buddying up to their wildly successful former home — especially when that old stomping ground is doing it too?

Anyone who followed Marvel Studios at this year's San Diego Comic-Con could not have missed their retro-classic overhaul. Releasing a batch of new logos for their upcoming movies, the majority of which seemed to firmly grasp the hand of their '80s comic book counterparts and skip off merrily into the future — or past — or...

Back To The Future, Anyone?

Or Tron?

Or Mega Man, Maybe?

GotG2 is even a little bit Lethal Weapon — minus Mel Gibson. No?

Of course these comic adaptions aren't the only ones running full steam ahead on the '80s nostalgia train; we're in an age of reboots and revivals after all. Every week there's an announcement of a new take on an old series, like — coincidentally — Lethal Weapon, for example. Even fresh ideas like Netflix's surprisingly successful Stranger Things are riddled with references to the director's childhood, tipping hats to icons of the decade such as Steven King, The Goonies and E.T., and its audience loved it even more for that.

via Netflix
via Netflix

In a nutshell, the '80s are pretty hot right now and, though there's essentially no information on what the next Transformers installment will bring us in terms of narrative — here's everything we know so far — it wouldn't be totally out of the question to see many more references to the franchise's past in the coming months.

Would you love to see references to the '80s comics in Transformers: The Last Knight?


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