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Although he is used to going where no man has gone before, it seems that George Takei has missed the Pokémon GO hype train - until now! The 79- year-old took to Facebook with a live feed of his first experience playing Niantic's addictive catch 'em all, and what better advocate for the game could you hope for?

Takei and his trainer 'Matt' took to New York's Central Park to see which of the elusive 150 he could catch. Dressed in an adorable Pikachu hat and Pokéshirt, Takei had no problems nabbing a Bulbasaur, Rattata, or Spearow; when it came to weeding out a Bellsprout, we witnessed Mr. Sulu's first Poké-rage. Whilst Bellsprout may have escaped the former helmsman of the USS Enterprise, we did see him level up on his road to being a Pokémon Master. Annoyingly someone had already snagged the name Captain Sulu - the actor appealed for the name-thief to make themselves known immediately!

Image: via Facebook Live
Image: via Facebook Live

In between answering fan questions and griping that Pokéstops should have more historical information (we agree), the actor wasn't short of a pun or two. The current top comment on the video is from the man himself:

Thanks Pokémon - I had much fun taking a Pikachu new game. It was a Goldeen opportunity.

We 'Bulbasaur' that one coming a mile off! Live streamed to over 2 million fans, we couldn't wait to see if Takei could finally be the one to catch an ever-elusive Mew. The video was more adorable than your average run in with a Clefairy, and Takei's bold steps into the Pokéworld have been shared well over 15,000 times. The iconic actor and fitness advocate proves that you are never too old to embrace the world of Pikachu and co.

Image: CBS Television
Image: CBS Television

It begs the question though, "who is next?". Is Bieber after a Beedrill, or Taylor Swift looking for an Ekans? Who will be next to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Takei, and the Mother of Dragons herself?

It is certainly true that the Pokémon GO craze is here to stay, and with rumours of a live-action film circulating, we can think of no one better to play Professor Oak than Takei himself - take note Hollywood!

Which other celebrities do you think would be Pokémon GO fans? Sound off below!


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