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Characters can be the heart of any good show. Lovable characters can easily salvage bad plots and make a show succeed despite other possible shortcomings. That being said, it doesn't mean that all lovable characters are good, hero-types. As a matter of fact, irritating behavior can become a character's trademark, making them the most appreciated protagonists on the show. Here are 12 examples of TV characters we can't help but love, despite their irritating personalities!

12. Damon Salvatore — The Vampire Diaries

Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) presence is bound to stir trouble, even when he's trying to help. In the first couple of seasons of The Vampire Diarieshe was a major antagonist for his friends and family, killing people recklessly and using his vampire powers against everyone's wellbeing. Now, he may have tamed some of his urges, but his wit and impulsive nature is still irritating to those around him.

However, despite his flaws, Damon has grown to be one of the most loved characters on TV! His heroic actions in the season finale set him up for future murderous situations and, in true Salvatore fashion, he'll be sure to cause more hardship for those trying to save him in the finale season of the show! More than likely, his loyalty and devotion that won us over will shine through once again!

11. Jessica Jones — Marvel's Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) may be a superhero, but she's definitely not our usual protagonist. She's a relatable human with flaws, and that's what makes Jessica Jonessuch a special show. She often questions herself, indulges in self-destructive behavior and often denies help — all of which are so irritating!

We, as fans, want her to be well. We want to see her become the hero we know she is. Despite everything, she's a badass, so we can't help but love her! I can't wait to see her in The Defenders, and hopefully catch more of her in Luke Cage on September 30th!

10. Carl Grimes — The Walking Dead

Carl Grime's (Chandler Riggs) childish behavior is a major cause of annoyance for a lot of fans of The Walking Dead. I mean, he actually was a child back in the first few seasons of the show, but even now, he can still be a nuisance.

Growing up and becoming more badass, he sometimes irritates fans with his behavior. In his defense, he's the youngest character in the group (I don't think Judith really counts) and has still a long way to go toward maturity. However, he's one of the original survivors and we'd be sad to lose him. We love Carl since we've seen him grow from a child to a young adult trying to figure things out in the Post-Apocalyptic world! Let's just say I don't want him to be the one to meet Negan's Lucille!

9. April Ludgate — Parks And Recreation

Parks and Recreation's April (Aubrey Plaza) starts as the most disinterested intern in the world before she takes a permanent position, continuing with her pessimism. April is rarely expressive and her presence is characterized by a distinct type of negativity in stark contrast to her boss, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). We root for Leslie and April's negativity becomes irritating as it works against Leslie's goals. That being said, April's cynicism is weirdly entertaining and makes her (rare) warm moments resonate with fans even more because of it. When April smiles, we all smile! She loves kittens and puppies, and how can we not love her for that?

8. Alex Karev — Grey's Anatomy

Alex (Justin Chambers) can be easily considered one of the most irritating characters in the early days of [Grey's Anatomy](tag:200746)and many would argue that he still is. Alex cared about himself more than anyone else and put forward a callousness as he hid his emotions.

However, the years have shown that he's more sensitive and caring than he let us believe. He pretends he doesn't care when he actually does, and fans have grown to love him and his emotional baggage. Not to mention that he's an absolute sweetheart when it comes to children and his support for Meredith. Irritating or not, we've definitely grown to love him as a character!

7. Barney Stinson — How I Met Your Mother

OK, now we're getting to the really irritating bunch!

Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) personality is just plain obnoxious! He's a womanizer with "The Bro Code," which he claims an ancestor wrote in the 1700s (come on, Barney!). He's arrogant and thinks he's cooler than everyone. He's loud (!) and bothers everyone while trying to enforce his logic, that more than often doesn't actually make sense. However, he's also unexpectedly caring and sensitive! Barney also truly loves his friends and his unique humor make him such a lovable character in How I Met Your Mother. How could anyone possibly dislike someone who's said:

"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead."

6. Jesse Pinkman — Breaking Bad

Jesse (Aaron Paul) was mostly a nuisance in Breaking Bad but this didn't discourage us from caring about him and hope he recovers from his drug use. When our favorite drug lord, Walter White, reached out to him for help in the meth business, Jesse was just a major obstacle to Walter, mostly due to his drug use and lack of chemistry knowledge. That being said, Jesse wasn't able to "break bad" because his morals were more in place than Walter's.

Jesse also exhibited true sensitivity and care for the world, which doesn't help in this line of business. He makes things difficult for Walter, but his victimized nature and often good intentions make us love him and, to an extent, sympathize with him.

5. Ross Geller — Friends

Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) is an awkward and annoying character. All of the cast has particular quirks that make them special but Ross outdoes them all. He's judgmental, whines, self-pities, makes generally questionable decisions, plays the know-it-all and let's not forget the fact that he gets married a lot! Despite everything, he is still one of our favorite TV protagonists and we can't help but love this goofy character.

Friends wouldn't be the same without Ross and his silly situations, like failing to get a proper tan and whiten his teeth, and dressing like an armadillo for Christmas.

4. Blair Waldorf And Chuck Bass — Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl's Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) are irritating individually, but as a couple they become the epitome of annoyance. They're both rich and set in their spoiled ways and aren't afraid to impose themselves on others, always want everything done their way. Chuck insists using a limo (which is just ridiculous) and Blair's the queen of drama. Yet, despite all of their shortcomings and flawed personalities, we still go crazy about them!

3. Oliver Queen — Arrow

This might come as a surprise to some, but Arrow's star, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), is rather annoying. He's one of TV's most loved superheroes, he fights bad guys and his success kick-started DC on TV (and we're so thankful for that) but Oliver doesn't have the greatest personality! He started as a spoiled billionaire and turned to a stubborn vigilante who has difficulty accepting others' opinions. He wants everything done his way, he dictates others' lives and can't take advice. He's lucky that we understand that he does everything with good intentions, doesn't want his family getting hurt and is an honorable person in the end!

Thankfully, he appears to be taking Laurel's deathbed advice and has started working on accepting help and realizing he's not all alone!

2. Sheldon Cooper — The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) is the king of irritation. He easily gets on everyone's nerves! He's demanding and peculiar in the most uncomfortable ways possible. He sometimes even makes us feel discomfort while watching him push people's buttons and misread social cues. Kudos to Leonard for putting up with him!

However, many would argue that Sheldon is the heart of The Big Bang Theory. He drives us mad and I know that I wouldn't enjoy his know-it-all personality in real life, but Sheldon's presence makes everything more entertaining. We know that he might appear mean, but inside he's such a sweetheart and we can't help but love him.

1. Gregory House — House, M.D.

House (Hugh Laurie) has to be No. 1. The entire show was based around his eccentric personality as an unlikable, genius doctor. House is invasive and rude to say the least, and his drug abuse doesn't help his case. His coworkers and patients dislike him and if it wasn't for his amazing abilities to diagnose rare, life-threatening illnesses, no one would want him in their lives. He's whimsical, irresponsible, brutally honest, ruthless and overall unbearable, but we just love that about him! His eccentricity is part of his charm and uniqueness as a great TV protagonist, making the show the most-watched drama in the world in 2010! TV isn't the same without him.

Looking for more characters to grind your teeth about? How about these billionaire — some of the richest in pop culture history?

As we see, fans love complex characters who aren't simply good or bad, but they have both positive and negative qualities! Did I forget anyone? Please let me know in the comments section!


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