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We've had our Pennywise cast for the upcoming 2017 It movie reboot, and now actor Javier Botet is listed on IMDb as 'The Leper', one of It's many forms. Apart from Pennywise, the scariest of all horror movie clowns, It's forms are obscure, especially as the original 1990 It movie used the power of suggestion rather than lots of animatronics and special effects. Check out It's other terrifying forms that we may be seeing in the 2017 It movie reboot.

The Leper

This is It's form that hisses ''Won't do you any good to run, girly boy" at Eddie Kaspbrak, and is seen as a leprous homeless person hanging around Derry. After his work on Mama, REC, Crimson Peak and The Other Side of the Door, it'll be exciting to see what 6''7, 100lb actor Javier Botet will bring to the role.

The Giant Spider

It as the Giant Spider. Image: WBTV
It as the Giant Spider. Image: WBTV

Closest to It's true form, the Giant Spider formed the climax of the 1990 It movie. Maybe we'll see a modern redux of the spider form in 2017, or perhaps the reboot will focus on a different form.

Corpses of the Dead

The appearance of reanimated carcasses, or even just whispered voices of the dead makes for an evocative idea for the screen. During the original novel, the Loser's Club see It take the forms of many of Derry's dead, including:

  • Georgie
  • Betty Ripsom
  • Veronica Grogan
  • Dorsey Corcoran
  • Greta Bowie
  • Patrick Hockstetter
  • Reginald "Belch" Huggins...
Pennywise appears to Georgie it the 1990 It movie. Image: WBTV
Pennywise appears to Georgie it the 1990 It movie. Image: WBTV

All Creatures Great and Small

There seems no end to It's powers of shapeshifting, morphing from a hefty Doberman to a massive crow, to a cloud of piranhas or flying leeches.

Movie Characters

Might we see a cool horror movie cameo in It? Several of the movie characters which frightened the Loser's Club are adopted by It, appearing as:

  • Frankenstein's Monster
  • Dracula
  • The Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Jaws
  • Werewolf
  • The Mummy
Tim Curry rockin' It in 1990. Image: WBTV
Tim Curry rockin' It in 1990. Image: WBTV

It's True Form

Although Pennywise is super scary, It's true form is supposedly so horrifying that a mere mortal can't look upon it without going insane. The Lore of Stephen King tells that It formed millions of years ago in the Todash Darkness, and has a true form that is not physical at all, in the glowing Deadlights. It'll be interesting to see whether the 2017 It movie attempts to tackle It's true form, or if this concept is once more left to the audience's imagination.

Which of It's many forms would you like to see in the reboot (apart from Pennywise!)

Source: IMDb, Wiki, Stephen King Images: Warner Bros. Television


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