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Yeah, yeah, I know you're excited about Suicide Squad and all, but forget about all of that, because some new viral marketing has come our way from Lego Batman. Yes, now he's providing the generous service of allowing us to catch up on any selfies we missed out on at SDCC. Check out the video here:

You may be wondering exactly how this works, and that's a valid question, because I know we're all desperate to get down to business. Well, the site's here, and it's pretty simple, not to mention super awesome. Before you head on over though, here are some pics I cooked up myself of Batman with the Justice League, so why not take a look and then see if you can make better ones yourself, eh?

Batman v Superman

C'mon, this is a movie we all want to see. Just two hours of Batman trying to make evil alternate universe Supes crack a smile. What I love is how even Batman's duck float has a bat-mask for it to wear, not to mention the Bat-swimsuit. I'm not sure how the cowl holds up against water either, because he seems to need goggles. Maybe he just thinks he looks fabulous in it.

Wonder Woman is Baffled

Looks like Diana is a little confused about what happened to Bruce's scowling demeanor, as well as what he's laughing at. Perhaps it was another of his famous bat puns. Or maybe he's actually just halfway through a sneeze and he's distracting Wonder Woman from an intense fight. If that's the case then bless you Batman, bless you.

Barry REALLY Messed Up The Timeline

Why so sad Barry? Sure, it looks like you've ruined the multiverse once again, but on the bright side you now get to hang out with the self-professed coolest man on Earth. Also, I hear there's a Lego version of you running around somewhere, so that could be a lot of fun, right?

Aquaman Loses Patience

Apparently Aquaman has less tolerance of selfie-takers than his teammates. That, or he's irritated by how little attention Batman is paying him. Either way, I think that attacking Batsy with his Ancient and super powerful trident might be a step too far, even if it makes a great one for the album.

Batman's Tickly

It would seem that one of Cyborg's many augmentations is a tickle cannon, because Batman is really feeling the giggles. Victor himself looks pretty intense, so perhaps it's a competition between the two. If so, then we have a clear winner. It's Batman. For Batman always wins.

Finally, A Group Shot (Bat-ception)

Bats doesn't seem overly pleased with the look of this Justice League, perhaps due to the lack of glowing white eyes for his namesake, or maybe he's simply as scared of Jason Momoa as I am.

A Challenge

You can check out the site here, and if you think you can take a better bat-selfie than the ones you see here... well, you're probably wrong, but feel free to have a go and leave us the pic in the comments.


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