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Warning: This post will contain massive amounts of fangirl twiddle. Read at your own peril.

Romanian-American actor Sebastian Stan is an adorable cupcake known for playing the always-innocent and deeply troubled Bucky Barnes in the MCU. His official codename is The Winter Soldier, though he has many others popularised by his self-trained army of Tumblr Fangirls & guys. In celebration of his existence, here's a post dedicated to a portion of the amazing and adorable fan-art created by immensely talented artists, of his MCU character and BFF Steve Rogers. (You may know him as Captain America!)

Sebcakes for everyone! ^_^
Sebcakes for everyone! ^_^

Special thanks for the above edit go to the lovely and ever-so-helpful Jazmin Oscoy, who created the above image specially for this piece! Be sure to check out her Twitter & fan Instagram account for more fun edits!

ALL artists are fully credited, and you will be able to check out more of their amazing art, simply by clicking their names!

So without further ado...

1. Baby Steve & Bucky

Baby Steve & Bucky comes courtesy of DrChopper7 on Deviant Art. This piece comes complete with a little bear, masks and kisses in case Bucky gets bad HYDRA dreams. This definitely has to be the most adorable!

2. I'm The One Who Gripped You Tight And Raised You From Perdition

Sorry, wrong fandom!

This stunning piece of Steve pulling Bucky out of the water comes courtesy of MaxKennedy24 on Tumblr! You'll find a few other Stucky pieces on their blog, as well as some stunning Preacher pieces!

3. Perdition, you say? CROSSOVER!!

The insanely talented Cinetrix on DeviantArt is a self-proclaimed photo-manipulator and computer graphics programmer! Put the two together and not only do you get wonderful crossovers like Castiel healing a forlorn looking Bucky, but you get insanely realistic portraits of all your fave stars! Be sure to check out her DeviantArt page!

4. Give Steve Rogers a Boyfriend!!

Give Steve Rogers anything that isn't Sharon flipping Carter!

You all remember the hype train that was "Give Steve Rogers a Boyfriend", right? Well, this beautiful piece is that train personified. Created by the self-taught and insanely talented The Physicist on DeviantArt, this work of art is one of many of their realistic and beautiful pieces. Others include an armoured Steve Rogers with vengeance on his mind and a T-Rex by his side. You've gotta see it to believe it, folks!

5. Remember Me, Bucky

This dark and beautiful piece was created by Develv on DeviantArt - an artist whose wonderfully detailed work also includes a baby Loki spending quality time with daddy Laufey. Check out their page if it's the last thing you do today!

More Stucky goodness for your perusal...

6. Emo Bucky

'Emo Bucky', as I'm now christening this image, was created by Digital Artist Melloria358 on DeviantArt. Her artwork is gorgeous and if you happen to be a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, you wont be disappointed when checking out her page!

7. Troubled Soldier

SirWendigo on DeviantArt is the artist responsible for this striking piece. A professional Digital Artist living in Italy, his page is full to the brim of high fantasy pieces featuring muscular and handsome men. He also has a self-published work in collaboration with a friend, and a competition on his page for any budding artists!

8. James And The Giant Plum

The next piece is actually a mini-series centering around what I imagine are everyday problems for little Steve & Bucky. Created by Kuro-Lee-Nest on Tumblr, this one's a sure contender for the most adorable! Scroll down for the rest of the story!


9. Shadow

"I'm permanent, now I won't go. I just want to be your shadow."

The perfectly sculpted angular panes of Steve and Bucky's faces have been created by illustrator Damsel-In-Distrust on DeviantArt. Her wonderfully quirky pieces are full of colour and personality, and she also designs her own characters! Be sure to check out her page, too!

10. The Death of Captain America

This one's probably the saddest of the bunch, but this heart-wrenching piece comes courtesy of Brillcrist on Deviant Art. A Stucky shipper, Lord of The Rings fan, and Star Wars fan, you won't want to miss out on seeing her incredible Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron pieces!

11. Hey Bucky, How'd You Like Your Flower Crown?

Last not but least, we're ending on a positive note, with flower crowns for everyone! This adorable image comes courtesy of Caycowa on DeviantArt, where a slightly disgruntled Bucky seems less than impressed with Steve's gift. Be sure to check out their Marvel Thorki (Thor & Loki) pieces, Star Wars and Lord of The Rings!

Cover Image Artists

Thanks for reading! If this isn't enough to cure your Sebastian Stan fix, be sure to check out this MP interview of him confessing his ultimate cosplay choice below!

Be sure to fangirl with me on Twitter and on Tumblr!


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