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A lot can be said for Kevin Smith. One of them is that he was a part of some of the greatest cult classics ever made. From Clerks to Chasing Amy to Dogma, Smith's character Silent Bob always played a pivotal role in the movie and yet barely talked. But when he did, it was something either important, deep, or funny — usually all three. Rarely has an actor said less and did so much in more than one film.

Stay Faithful — Clerks

As the phrase goes, "The grass is always greener on the other side." This goes double for when you're in a relationship and your ex that cheated on you wants a second chance now that you're doing better. Dante found this out first hand. His ex that cheated on him multiple times wants him back. Dante actually decides to go on a date with her. And he would have, if she didn't end up frozen in shock.

Dante debates whether or not to leave his current awesome girlfriend for his old cheating girlfriend who he still loves for some weird reason. Silent Bob said one of the most profound things I've ever heard:

"You know, there's a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don't all bring you lasagna at work"

It may not be Shakespeare, but it's absolutely the truth.

No Ticket — Dogma

Silent Bob's hetero lifemate jay treats Bob like crap. Talks about him, hits him, and pretty much makes fun of everything that Bob does. But mess with Jay, and he will take you out. Just ask angels of the Lord Bartleby and Loki. Bob took them both and threw them both off of the train for messing with his friend. When a passenger gave him a scared look, Bob just mustered up a classic Indiana Jones reference and said: "No ticket."

Fly, Fatass, Fly! — Mallrats

What do two stoner buddies do at a mall on their day off? Try and destroy a game show set in the middle of the mall, obviously. Of course, Jay was the mastermind that came up with the plan and it failed miserably. What made these failures so funny was that every time they failed, Bob ended up catching Gwen (played by Joey Lauren Adams) in a rather indecent position.

You're Chasin' Amy — Chasing Amy

One of the few times Silent Bob said more than a couple of sentences and it might have been Silent Bob's greatest moment in any of his movies. Bob gets into his feelings and what it's like to be a guy who loses a woman because of insecurities. Almost every guy has been there when they hear something about their significant other's past and it either freaks them out or flat out makes them leave.

Silent Bob was lamenting what it was like to be in that situation. It was a really sad moment. Of course, Jay had to be him and add his two cents. But even through all of that, you could really feel what he was saying. Especially if you've been through it.

Silent Bob Vs. The Golgothan — Dogma

Azrael, a demon from Hell, sent his minions to kill the last scion. Before they could kill her, they were beaten by Jay and Silent Bob and sent packing back to their boss. Azrael only has one course of action left to take. Time to send in the excremental —the Golgathan — or, as Chris Rock so eloquently put, "a shit demon." The demon makes short work of the attacking thugs and then tries to kill our heroes. But Silent Bob steps up and sprays the demon in the face. What did he spray him with? A deodorizer. And there probably isn't a stronger odor than a giant demon from Hell made of poop.

What's your favorite Silent Bob moment? Let me know in the comments below.


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