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Its no secret that DC and Warner Bros.' last two cinematic endeavors — Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel — were met with underwhelming reviews to say the least. Still, with Suicide Squad making its way to theaters, fans of the franchise (and even those on the other side of the fence) were looking forward to the David Ayer-directed adventure featuring a slew of baddies from Batman lore.

Taking a page from Marvel Studios, it appears as though DC and Warner Bros. Pictures are planning on creating relatively lighter films for fans to enjoy, hoping to inject more humor and fun into their upcoming slate of comic book movies. In line with that marketing strategy, Suicide Squad took the web by storm with a couple of rock 'n' roll-infused trailers that garnered millions upon millions of views on YouTube. For whatever reason, while DC films was struggling to find their footing with critics and audiences alike, the villain-centric Suicide Squad appeared to contain innate intrigue that attracted hordes of potential moviegoers.

With reviews not looking so hot yet again for this DC/Warner Bros. comic book movie, fans are left asking if this all spells trouble for the studio. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was perhaps one of the most highly anticipated films of the entire year, while Suicide Squad looked to be a sure late summer hit. The hope of DC fanboys and girls was that this David Ayer directorial effort would be enough to right the ship so to speak, but with even more negative press surrounding the franchise, one has to wonder whether or not Marvel Studios will reign supreme yet again with its upcoming comic book endeavor, Doctor Strange, coming later this year.

Likely, this news will not serve to significantly alter plans for DC/Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming slate of comic book flicks (that is unless, the film absolutely tanks financially). While the franchise's previous endeavors were not well received from a critical standpoint, they at least managed to turn a profit. Another negatively reviewed film may not be what the studio was looking for, but it is certainly new. Warner Bros. Pictures did promise to course correct the franchise this year, but moviegoers have to realize that principle photography for Suicide Squad was complete before any reviews had surfaced concerning the poorly received Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Lackluster reactions thus far will most likely hurt this film from a monetary standpoint, but that is not to say that fans of the franchise will not support this movie with their wallets as it looks as though the movie is tracking very well through the first weekend (Ayer has already talked about a sequel in the works with new baddies to introduce). Is this film good? Who's to say? Go see it, and decide for yourself.

Be sure to look the part of the iconic Joker before you do though:

Suicide Squad opens Friday, August 5.

Who is your favorite Suicide Squad member?


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