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Have you ever watched a movie thinking it was great, but you see the Rotten Tomato score and wonder why the critics think differently? Well here are the Top 5 movies that have rotten scores but are actually great films.

5. Tommy Boy

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 44%

Why is such a classic looked down on amongst critics? This was the film that put Chris Farley on the map as a funny, loveable, overweight man-child. The story of a slacker fresh out of college who heads back home to work for his families company, but the events of his father dying throws him into having to save his company, the thousands of employees, and the town he grew up in. The movie has heart, many laughs, and every time I watch it it makes me wonder where Chris Farley would be today if we didn't loose him at such a young age.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 40%

At one time this was the most profitable independent film until The Blaire Witch Project was released nine years later. Turtles was a dark comic book that was turned into a lighter version live action movie that was fun, different, and entertaining from start to finish. Of course it was a bit different from the cartoon, but with the low budget that it had and Jim Henson's work on the puppetry of the turtles, this was a great film then and a fun nostalgic movie to dive into today.

3. 8MM

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 22%

When you watch this film, you wonder why Joel Schumacher directed such terrible Batman films. 8MM was dark, gritty, and suspenseful all the way through. Nicolas Cage is a private detective who was hired by a widow, searching for answers about a snuff film her husband had among his possessions. The twists and turns the film takes kept me on edge the entire time. Maybe it was the dark, sexual content that made critics feel negative towards this movie. Who knows?

2. Home Alone

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 55%

How can this movie have a rotten score? How in Gods name could critics give Home Alone, a movie that plays every Christmas, beloved by millions, and a great movie to boot, a bad review? Macaulay Culkin was fresh off of a John Hughes film in Uncle Buck and had hit his peek in his career with this classic from a script written by Hughes himself. This film is cute, funny, and heartwarming. It still puts a smile on my face every year when I watch Joe Pecsi get his head bashed in from a paint can. Maybe it was the slap stick violence the critics didn't like. Whatever it was, I'm very curious who put coal in the critics stocking in order for them to give this film a bad review.

1. Hook

Rotten Tomatoes Score : 30%

This score makes me hit my head against a wall every time I see it. I was six years old when I went to see Hook, learned the word Bangarang, and the chant Ruf-i-o. Robin Williams was great as a grown up Pan as well as Dustin Hoffman as the title character. Maybe its the nostalgic feeling I get when I watch it, but I feel like I would know a bad film when i see it, and this Spielberg classic doesn't cry out bad to me. John Williams score is still the definitive Peter Pan music to my ears, and I can't think of a more interesting version of Pan compared to the terrible remakes we've been getting since then. Another great film that critics seemed to not understand sadly.

So what do you think? Do you know of any films that have a rotten score but believe they were wrongfully reviewed?


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