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Everyone is buzzing about the release of Suicide Squad this week. It's dominating the pop culture conversation on social media at the moment, and fans are eagerly anticipating the moment they can plunk their butts into a theater seat and watch Harley Quinn and Deadshot kick ass and take names.

To celebrate the release, we're giving away two limited edition statues of Deadshot and Katana from DC Collectibles! And YOU can win them. How, you might be asking? Easy.

Deadshot is looking pretty dope
Deadshot is looking pretty dope

Here's How To Win A Deadshot Or Katana Statue

Just tune into our Super News livestream tomorrow at 3 p.m. EST/12 p.m. PST and watch as our hosts Joe Aceves and Phil Correa talk about all things geeky. They'll have a prompt for our viewers - that is, a game to play - and the two winners will be chosen from the comments. So make sure to watch and bring your Suicide Squad trivia A-game!

Get it? Got it? Good. That's TOMORROW (as in Wednesday) on our Super News show.

You've seen Deadshot up above; here's Katana:

Katana with her soul-absorbing sword
Katana with her soul-absorbing sword

While the pictures look great in and of themselves, I can assure you they do no justice to the actual statues in person. I snuck over to our studio before writing this up to take a peek at them, and they were both more detailed and larger than I had anticipated. In short, they're really freakin' sweet and you should set a reminder to hop onto your laptop or PC or phone and watch Super News tomorrow at noon PST.

Suicide Squad is in theaters this Friday, August 5.


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