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TMZ recently published photos that gave American Horror Story fans a promising lead on what Season 6 will be about. There is strong evidence from the photos that Season 6 will be about the lost colony of Roanoke. This has always been one of my favorite "greatest mysteries of history" topics so, I was thrilled to see that the show was going in this direction. The past season boiled over with problems and was considered by many to be its weakest by far. I have hopes that Season 6 could turn the show around to its Season 1&2 glory years. Here are four things fans are demanding to see in Season 6 that could make American Horror Story great again!

1. Less Sex, Please!

American Horror Fans are in no way a prudish bunch, but even the show's most loyal fans (me included) felt the gratuitous sex was way too over the top and too often. The blood-drenched orgy scene in the first episode of Season 5 was enough to last us the entire season, but things just kept getting more outrageous from there. The metal dildo rape scene was something we all could have lived without. Sex scenes are fine when they go along with the context of the story, but Season 5 was filled with meaningless sexual content. Hopefully, AHS will learn how to use their sex scenes to up the drama and not the shock value.

2. Better Acting From Lady Gaga

Yes, I know the woman won a Golden Globe for her role as the countess in Season 5, but fans are split over whether she really deserved the award or not. Her acting came across as very shallow and over dramatic. It be nice to see her give a more natural performance this year. If it does take place in the past surrounding the missing Roanoke colony, she'll have to tone down the glitz and glamor for sure and work on going deeper with her acting skills.

3. A More Comprehensive Plot Line

Season 5 had one of the most loose story lines in the show's history. Many plot lines were opened and never closed. Other plot lines left more questions than answers and didn't seem to serve the story line much at all. AHS fans are craving a more streamline series of events. Even though we love breathtaking plot twists, we also like our stories to be solid and well planned out. AHS proved in its first season that they could work with multiple plot lines and complete all of them. If the writers can get back to their roots, the story of Roanoke provides the perfect opportunity for a solid story.

4. Better Dialogue, Less Camp

Is it just me or is the dialogue getting worst every year? The writers need to focus less on quirky camp and more on quality writing. It's painful to see talented actors like Angela Basset and Kathy Bates overact because the lines were just so bad. AHS has always been known for being campy, but there's a seriousness about the show that's being lost. The "horror" part of the title is being diminished by its constant need to be seen as a dark comedy. As horror fans, we don't want dark comedy, we want the under-your-skin horror that came with Season 1&2.

Notice I didn't mention the the return of Jessica Lange. As much as I love her, she didn't make the entire show. If you think she did, then you might want to go ahead and stop watching for good. Fans need to deal with the fact that she is not coming back. AHS could easily return to its glory years if it starts taking itself more seriously!


What Improvements do You Want to See in Season 6?


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