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DC's Cinematic Universe continues this week with the release of Suicide Squad- which has been getting bashed by critics. That's a story for another time, but I will say this before continuing, don't let the critic reviews bring you down, make your own opinion about the movie. You might love it, so just go see it and enjoy yourself. Now, back to topic, Green Lantern.

Next year Zack Snyder returns with Justice League, which based on the trailer looks to be a big step away from BvS, but one bug question lingers...

When Will We See The Seven?

So far, the roster of the Justice League consists of Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Superman. However, when we got our first look at Aquaman way back when, it came with this message

And if my counting is correct, we only have six members accounted for. So, where is Green Lantern? No official news at SDCC about even an actor, no news on whether he'll feature in any DC movie until Green Lantern Corps, not even news about which ones we'll be seeing. So, what are the theories?

1. He's NOT Number 7

There comes the possibility that the seventh member of the Justice League isn't Green Lantern at all. The spot could very well be reserved for Martian Manhunter, Shazam, Green Arrow, Supergirl, or any DC hero for that matter. Don't forget, we've been told that Green Lantern could MAYBE appear in Justice League Part 2, so it's not even confirmed if he will be the seventh member. The more plausible option would be Shazam, who is also a founding member of the League in the New 52.

2. Unite The Seven Seas

Unite the Seven could've easily been a reference to Aquaman's ability to control ocean life, or as Bruce Wayne puts it, "Talk to fish". Having seven, fully developed heroes sharing the screen can be a hard feat to accomplish, and DC might not want to try that, yet. However, I could be totally wrong and there might possibly be Seven Members.

3. He's A Surprise

The final possibility, is that Green Lantern could be saved as a surprise for viewers. I mean, imagine if you were watching, and all of a sudden Green Lantern pops up. The problem with this is that he'd have to be given a lot of time, because he hasn't been introduced before in the DCCU. I mean, if they didn't give Green Lantern a proper introduction, I'd be upset. Green Lantern is one of my favorite heroes, so getting him right is very important to me.

Where do you think GL will pop up? Let me know in the comments, and watch the awesome trailers for Wonder Woman and a handy breakdown of all the Easter Eggs and plot teases in the Justice League trailer below!


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