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Alien: Covenant Is NOT The Sequel

When it was announced that director Ridley Scott’s next film would be titled Alien: Covenant and that it was slated for release in the summer of 2017, fans of the original Alien franchise were ecstatic at the idea of revisiting Ellen Ripley, and especially the terrifying Xenomorph. Alien 5 and Alien: Covenant however are two very different films, with the latter actually being a sequel to the Alien prequel Prometheus. While Alien 5 has yet to begin filming, Covenant will focus on a brand new crew of space travelers, who discover a dark world inhabited solely by the android David of the doomed Prometheus Mission. While Covenant will likely give us more insight into the origins of the Xenomorph, and explore the extensive universe in which the films exists, we will have to wait for an unspecified amount of time to see the return of Ripley again.

History WILL Be Rewritten

1979’s Alien is still wildly recognized as one of the greatest sci-fi films to ever grace the big screen, and its sequel Aliens is one of the few examples of a sequel that is as strong and well made as the original film. With that being said, it’s easy to see why fans that waited the six years for the third installment were sorely disappointed with the final result, and even more so with the franchises fourth chapter. Not only did the films become less and less original as time passed, but Alien 3 also made the fatal mistake of killing off Newt and Colonel Hicks, two fan favorites of the second film. Since the fifth installment was announced though, multiple sources, including Sigourney Weaver herself have confirmed that Alien 5 will take an alternate path after Aliens, leading the surviving trio on a completely different path.

Newt Is ALIVE, And Others

Yes, not only is Ripley alive, and not an android for Alien 5, but we will also be seeing the return of both the deceased Aliens alumni Newt and Colonel Hicks. Both characters met a tragic off-screen death while in cryogenic sleep at the beginning of Alien 3, angering quite a few fans in the process. These same fans now have a reason to rejoice, as the films recently released concept art not only depicts an aged, and battle ready Hicks, but also an adult Newt. From what we can tell, the now adult Newt looks like she will be getting in on the action this time around, alongside Ripley and Hicks. What fans haven’t been so quick to realize though, is that an adult Newt could potentially spell the end of Ripley — for good this time. In the same way that Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Creed saw the passing of the torch to younger characters Rey and Adonis, Alien 5 may see Newt taking up the fight after years of Ripley going head to head with the same terrifying creatures.

What We’re Expecting

Weyland Yutani Will Be CENTRAL To The Plot

Fans of the Alien franchise will undoubtedly recognize the mysterious corporate entity known as Weyland Yutani. While not the prominent feature of any of the films, the mysterious group seems to have a hand in every major event in which the creatures are present, including the 2004 crossover film Alien vs. Predator. While many fans have guessed that Weyland Yutani would eventually have a more sizable role in the future of the franchise, Blomkamp’s concept art all but confirms these suspicions with several stills of a highly futuristic building, as well as one such board containing a fully grown Queen in what looks to be an indoor habitant of sorts. If Weyland Yutani was to begin breeding and studying the Xenomorph species, then we could see Weyland on a direct collision course with Ripley, her team, and anyone else who despises the dangerous creature as much as they do.

An Evolved Xenomorph

Ranked by multiple outlets as one of the greatest movie monsters of all time, The Xenomorph has come a long way since 1979, staring in a variety of tie-in video games and comic books. While the continuity has kept the creature as fear inducing as possible, it has also taken the liberty of showcasing the different evolutions of the creature, including a water-based version known as a swimmer, and white hybrid, which spliced DNA of both the Xenomorph species and humans. While none of Blomkamp’s recent art showcases any new variations of the classic creature, Prometheus did prove that other evolutions of the species exist, and adding a wider array of creatures would definitely add an extra level of excitement to the film’s ultimate return. In the end, the classic Xenomorph is still as spectacular as it was when it first hit theaters, but the addition of new creatures could add a whole new level of fear to the fifth installment.

Ripley Versus Weyland Yutani

We have already speculated that Weyland Yutani will play a major role in the fifth installment, and Blomkamp’s final piece of concept art clearly shows Ripley and Hicks ready to go to war in what we have speculated to be a Weyland building, so now there are a few potential theories as to what could lead Ripley into another encounter with her greatest enemies. One potential theory suggests that a type of containment break or power outage will leave the Weyland building complexly powerless against a horde of Xenomorphs, while another such theory claims that Ripley will actually see Ripley leading an attack on the Weyland facility in an attempt to kill the creatures once and for all. Either one of these theories would prove to be great plot structures for the fifth installment. No matter how the story plays out though, we can definitely expect to see a film that will be the true sequel to Aliens.

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